Thursday, April 11, 2013

Day 1285 - Gunston legs

I have not cut myself shaving for at least ten years ... until today.

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I shave my legs. Yep, I do it the "old fashioned way".  While I get waxed elsewhere on the bod, and I use the lovely creams on my face, my legs get mowed by a good old fashioned disposable razor.  Despite Mum trying to convert me to the epilator for my weed whacking I can't seem to move on from shaving cream and the pivot motion of Gillette.

So this morning I was in the shower getting ready for a super busy day.  We are going on holidays tomorrow so it will be a typical 'storm before the calm' type experience.  Part of my "super busy day" is getting the spray tan.  (Essential.)  Which means I need to be all shaved and buffed and exfoliated before my appointment this arvo.

Standing in the shower with a foot jammed up against the wall and a Deep Fried leg stretching beyond it's limit is not the most comfortable of positions. Add the very possible chance of the anchored foot slipping and I was feeling a tad vulnerable (I normally do this in the bath). So I wanted it done quickly.  Plus I have someone in the USA waiting for my return email about a majorly fabulous and huge business opportunity, so I kind of needed the shaving to be done fast.

Speedy I was.

Accurate not so much.

Aggressive for sure.

Bleeding a certainty.

As a result I am walking about with Norman Gunston style legs with little bits of toilet paper stopping my pantie hose from sticking.  It's not a good look.

How do you de-hair?

Have you ever had any Gunston-esque mishaps? 

For those of you who are too young (or too far away from Australia) to know who Norman Gunston is, he was a character/comedian reporter from around 30 years ago who had greasy hair, bad suits and had shaving nicks all over his face with dots of toilet paper to stop the bleed.  His shaving mishaps were part of  his signature look.


  1. I shave too! Thought about the epilator,might slightly scared of the pain :).
    I do get the occasional cut, but thankfully I never wear panty hose so don't have the sticky problem

  2. I shave too because I just don't have the time or the money to wax all the time. As for shaving mishaps? When I had my first baby I saw so horrified that my visitors my see me with hairy legs that I tried to do speed shave in the shower for my new baby woke up.... Let's just say I cut myself so badly I'm surprised they didn't give me stitches!
    Visiting from the FYBF Linky...

  3. Ok, embarrassed to admit but I use hubster's electric shaver on my legs. I get terrible shaving rash from razors, no matter what I do. So the shaver does the job - my legs aren't quite as silky smooth - but it's good enough for me ;-)

  4. I shave my legs when I remember - I'm blessed with not much hair so I forget. I do get a vjay vjay wax though, I have for the past 20 years, it's just my thing :)


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