Friday, April 12, 2013

Day 1286 - Driving North

We took the kids out of school a day early and we're on the road ...

Deep Fried travelling
Packed to the rafters is an understatement. This KIA Grand Carnival of ours has not let us down as we pack boxes of food, a big old Esky, surf board, three suitcases, XBox, presents for the baby, laptops, beer, champagne, two kids and two adults.  So much space and so much to fill it with.

This post is being written as I sit in the passenger seat with my laptop on my lap.  I have a seriously bad headache which might be MSG induced given we cooked seasoned curly fries to go with our dinner last night which probably had flavour enhancers. Add to that the fact I finished off Darby's packet of salt and vinegar chips which also contain MSG and I may as well have drank a bottle tequila given the "hangover" I've now got from ignoring my food sensitivities.

Of course the headache could also have to do with the fact I set my alarm for 12.30am last night for a 1.00am phone call with the USA.  A phone call that didn't eventuate.  At some point after I went to bed (the first time) they rescheduled it. Just as I went back to bed at 1.15am Darby came in to say he couldn't breathe due to his blocked nose.  So I went back to his room with him, with tissues and Vicks, and cuddled him back to sleep.  I was back in my own bed by 4.00am in readiness for the 5.30 alarm.

The headache could also have to do with the disappointment over the "majorly fabulous and huge business opportunity" I referred to yesterday not being as majorly fabulous and huge as we had first thought.  Bummer.  Back to the drawing board.

Whatever the reason, I am glad Derek is taking charge of the wheel as I sit here in the comfort of my passenger side reclining seat with arm rest and head rest.  A couple of ibuprofens, a sandwich at a picnic spot and a swig of water, and I may be asleep very soon.

For the next two weeks this blog will (hopefully) come to you from the holiday mindset as I attempt* to switch off for a bit and get into relaxation mode.  There will be posts about hotels, beaches, eateries, news, ponderings, photos and possibly even a baby.

First stop - Port Macquarie!

Happy Friday.

*There will of course be work.   Business doesn't stop.  But at least the new surroundings, daily outings and lack of routine will give the illusion of R&R. 

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