Saturday, April 13, 2013

Day 1287 - Port Macquarie

Stopping overnight to break up the trip ....

Oxley Cove Holiday Apartments, Port Macquarie
Last night we called into Port Macquarie and stayed at the Oxley Cove Holiday Apartments.  Derek had found this place on line.  We wanted somewhere affordable, with two bedrooms and with a pool and BBQ area.  At only $120 for the night, the Oxley covered all those bases.

We arrived in Port Macquarie at around 2.30pm which gave Derek and the kids plenty of daylight hours to hang out in the (heated) pool.

Oxley Cove, Port Macquarie
While they were allowing their inner-fish to break free, I went to bed.  Yes, I still had that shocking headache which two hours of afternoon slumber provided the cure. I woke up in time for drinks and nibbles in the BBQ area by the pool which flowed into a fabulous feed of New York cut steak on the barbie and a big healthy salad that I'd prepared at home before we left.

The Oxley Cove Holiday Apartments BBQ deck

Deep Fried drinks and nibbles 
We've been to Port Macquarie before so nobody felt the need to explore the area on this trip. It really was just a quick overnighter. Having said that, it was important to us that the kids got something out of the visit which is why the pool was a must have. Our view of the town was confined to the Oxley and the entry and exit roads.

For anyone venturing towards the NSW North coast, Port Macquarie is quite a nice spot to visit.  With lovely beaches, cliff side areas, plenty of walking tracks, a lovely town centre, boating options, golf, restaurants and the nearby Timbertown heritage themed family park, there is plenty to do and see.

Right now we are driving north again on our "we're about to have a grandchild" adventure.  By Tuesday we'll be in the Gladstone area near Miss Chelsea and her enormous belly. But today's destination is the Gold Coast where we'll stay for three nights to visit relatives and head to a theme park.  We might be able to have a lovely family beach adventure too if it stops raining for long enough.

Reminder: the sun shines out of our arses - which was proven on our similar April adventure last year. It WILL stop raining for our visit. 

To see my "sun shines out of our arse" post click here.

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