Monday, April 15, 2013

Day 1289 - Mecure Gold Coast Resort

Who's looking for some luxury accommodation at a camp ground price?

Palm Meadows Golf Course
We are currently staying at the Mecure Gold Coast Resort at Palm Meadows golf course at Carrara in Queensland.  It seems they have some super specials on at the moment which has allowed us to accommodate a family of four for only $79 a night.  Bargain!

Derek found this place on line about a week ago and then rang the resort directly to see if they could offer the same deal.  Turns out they could! We were pretty impressed with our huge win.  Derek was bragging about it around the pool to some fellow guests only to find out they had got their room for only $49 a night! What?!  They're giving this place away!

Rumour has it this resort went down hill a few years ago and pretty much became deserted. The Accor hotel chain came along and invested a wad of cash into upgrading it and BINGO here we all are being wined and dined as they try to attract business back to the place.  And we really are being wined and dined. They can't do enough for us.  We're not being treated like the poor bargain basement cousins at all, but like much respected, loved and needed royalty.  It is a little slice of heaven.  If we weren't on the big trip north to see Chelsea and her baby bump we'd choose to stay here for the remainder of our travels ...

It's not on the beach, but it does have a great pool area (with baby pool, hot tub and life size chess board) and it's a short drive to many of the beaches around the place.  It's also just down the road from Carrara markets which is a bonus, plus only ten minutes drive to Pacific Fair mall.  We're about ten minutes from Harbour Town outlet mall and (I'm just guessing) about 20-30 minutes to the theme parks.  Which is where we are headed today!

Mecure Gold Coast pool area

Mecure Gold Coast - chess anyone?

Kids in the pool at Mecure Gold Coast Resort

Mecure Gold Coast Resort - a great place for their room service pizza

A lovely night out at the Mecure restaurant

Yummy feed!

Prawn cocktail and mojito! Yum.


  1. Oh it looks amazing! I would definitely stay there after reading this - they should put you on PR duties!

  2. Looks like your having a fantastic trip. Mmmmm mojitos!

  3. I honestly can't say enough good things about this place. And yes, I may just suggest they make me their bloggy PR rep!! That would be a cool gig.


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