Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Day 1291 - Tannum Sands

This is our home for the next seven days

As we spend time with Chelsea and remain on stand-by as (hopefully) the grand-bump turns into a grand-bub over the next few days, we will be living in a cabin by the beach.  The bird life is noisy, the sand flies are pesky, the beach is across the road, we have a pool and the weather is divine.

BBQ area Tannum Sands Caravan Village

The pool at Tannum Sands Caravan Village

The pool

The trees

more trees

The view from our front veranda

The cabin

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  1. Looks absolutely lovely!!! I want to be there!!! Are you thinking of me when you hear your birds calling to you?

  2. LOL! Yes I am my friend. I definitely was thinking of you at 5.00am when the kookaburras started.

  3. Looks like heaven on earth! Hope you have a relaxing and enjoyable time!

  4. It looks so lovely wish I was there (not infringing on your holiday cause that would be strange and we don't know each other lol) it just looks so relaxing and fun :)

  5. Gorgeous and it looks so relaxing. I hope the Grand Bub arrives while you are visiting.

  6. Looks gorgeous. Good luck with everything!

  7. A lovely place to wait the arrival of your grand bump. The pool looks inviting.

  8. that looks like a fabulous place to await the arrival of a grand bub! following now on FB, which I had thought i had surely been doing all along! :)


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