Thursday, April 18, 2013

Day 1292 - Crocodiles at the beach?

You know you are in the tropics when:

There are signs on the beach warning you about crocodiles and stingers.  Eeeeeek!

Funnily enough there is a Surf Lifesaving Club and the beach is patrolled suggesting that people do actually swim in there.  At this time of year the beach is only patrolled of a weekend so Husband suggests we wait until Saturday to see how many people are in the water.  What, the crocodiles have an agreement with the locals that they won't eat them of a Saturday?  Nah, she'll be right, safety in numbers babe, he replies.  I think there is safety in reading the freakin' sign! We are NOT going in the water.

This whole crocodile sign has troubled me so much that I have had to ask Prof Googs for some advice.  Are there crocodiles at Tannum Sands?  It seems this is a topic for much speculation.

When you go to the Beachsafe website there is absolutely no mention of crocs at all. Other sites have people chatting back and forth about whether or not there are actually crocs in the area.  It seems there was a crocodile spotted there once thus the need to put up the sign.  Plus there have been some apparent sightings of crocs in the Boyne River.  This is not a common occurrence by all accounts.

We asked Chels and she'd never heard of crocodiles in the region. She'd never even seen the sign and she walks her dogs along a nearby dog beach. You'd think if crocs were going to hang somewhere it would be at the dog beach for all those tasty appetizers.

Whether there are actually crocs out there or not, there is a sign that says there is and that's enough for me.  We are NOT going in the water.

This post has been brought to you by a woman with all her limbs, two kids and a husband, and she'd like to keep it that way. 

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