Friday, April 19, 2013

Day 1293 - Another DVD Give Away!

Who wants to win a couple of cool "couples flicks"?

As a Deep Fried woman of the world, there is one thing I know for sure, chick flicks keep you young.  They can be emotional, inspiring, alarming, funny, reassuring, scary and the odd movie can definitely be a wake up call.  Celeste and Jesse Forever, and People Like Us, are all of the above. The marketing peeps at Mango are partnering with Deep Fried Fruit to give away two packs of these movies to TWO lucky readers, and while I initially thought of these as "chick flicks" I've decided they are perhaps a couple of "couples flicks" with enough blokey substance in them to keep the men interested also.

Celeste and Jesse Forever

I watched Celeste and Jesse Forever when I was at Mum and Dad's alone a few weeks ago.  Remember how I went there to write Book Five of the Cheer Chick Charlie series? Anyway, that night I curled up on the couch with my microwave meal (Mum and Dad were on holidays) and proceeded to laugh, cry, get frustrated, cringe and grin along with Rashida Jones in her role as Celeste, and Andy Samberg as he played Jesse.

So Celeste and Jesse meet when they are in high school and get married young.  The movie starts with them as a divorced couple who remain the best of friends and continue to do everything together.  Celeste is this  up-and-coming business woman in a marketing company who earns the big bucks and Jesse is a bit of am unemployed surfer bum who dabbles occasionally in creating the odd bit of art.  It seems a classic story of one person who continues to grow with age, while the other remains stuck in their teen years.  As the reality of their separation sets in Celeste starts to wonder if she may have actually been a little too cavalier about her decision to bail on the marriage. Her ponderings come a little too late as Jesse moves on with someone else and in the process becomes the man Celeste always knew he could be.  As she navigates the changes in her life she discovers that when you truly love someone, there's a point where you may have to let them go.

People Like Us

People Like Us was a real surprise packet.  This was another one of those movies I didn't read about beforehand. I didn't see previews nor read the cover.  I was watching it blind.  So that meant it had a bunch of twists and turns that I didn't see coming.

The ridiculously good looking Chris Pine plays Sam who is a twenty something fast talking salesman who is an up-and-coming company rep who has managed to get himself in a whole bunch of debt by living beyond his means.  He's got the gorgeous girlfriend, lives in the trendy part of town and drives the snazzy car. The story takes a turn when he receives the news that his dad has died.

Growing up as an only child it seems his life wasn't all sunshine and roses. His girlfriend (played by Olivia Wilde) discovers that he is actually quite estranged from his parents.  As he begrudgingly goes home to be with his mum (played by Michelle Pfeiffer) and take care of his Dad's affairs he battles emotions of anger, regret and frustration.  As he goes through his father's belongings and meets with key people to see what financial freedom his father may have left him, he uncovers a family secret.  He's not an only child after all.

The story becomes a journey to connect with his sister (played by Elizabeth Banks) and her son while at the same time getting an understanding for, and belated connection with, his parents.

Competition Time:

I loved both movies so much that I had to watch them days apart because it took me a few days to process each one after the viewing stopped.  They're the type of movies that have you reflecting on them well after they're back in their DVD covers.

What movie has left you reflecting on it for days?

What "couples flick" would you recommend?

If you would like to go in the draw to win both these movies simply let me know either (a) what was the last movie you watched that left an impression (whether good or bad) or (b) what "couples flick" would you recommend?  For a second chance to win repeat the process on the Deep Fried Facebook page and for a third chance head on over to Deep Fried Twitter and repeat the process there with the hashtag #DFFCouplesFlick.

This competition is open to Aussie residents and finishes on Wednesday 24 April at midnight.  Which just happens to be the date both DVDs are officially released!


  1. I would recommend :Hope Springs" as a couples flick to watch. My husband and I had been going through a real rough patch (which unfortunately has not worked out) but this movie is so applicable to many couples that have been together for a long while. Its a great movie to get you thinking about your relationship.

  2. The Intouchables left me pondering for days. Loved it so much. Midnight in Paris was a great couples movie. Hubs and I watched it for date night once.

  3. LES MISERABLES had me reflecting long after I watched it. So much tragedy & triumph, love and loss. Of course the songs just kept reverberating in my head - bonus. An emotional experience all round!!


  4. That's a difficult one, my other half and I love kids movies and anything that keeps us together as a family. Our recent favourite has been The Princess Bride.


  5. We enjoyed watching The Life of Pi together. It was beautiful.

  6. I recently watched an old movie called "Powder" , its about an albino boy with special powers, who can't live a normal life, it was a very good and unusual movie.

  7. The Tall Man. It started off as a typical horror film about a young girl who goes missing with her mother searching for her, yet halfway through the film it took a complete 180 and went in a totally different direction. To spoil anything about the film would be a shame as it leaves you pondering for days. I will say it has to do with adoption and whether its right or wrong to have have children from bad families taken and placed with good families. It was a great film.

  8. the last movie that I watched (girly movie) was ages ago.
    My oldest son purchased "PS. I Love You" for last years Mothers Day.
    I cried and cried and cried. Every where she turned something was there to remind her of the love she shared with her husband who passed away. It was so moving, and yet so sad at the same time. It reminded me that love is deep, and can go on for ever, even when they past over to the next life.

  9. I recently watch The Help, for the second time. I saw it at the movies, before I read the book and then I had to watch it again on DVD. It's a wonderful movie and leaves me feeling disappointed and inspired by the human race, all at once.

    A great couples flick is Silver Linings Playbook. Something for everyone. The story is funny, sad, and heartwarming. Robert De Niro is exceptional, Jennifer Lawrence is gorgeous and Bradley Cooper... mmm

  10. I watched the Notebook when I was in a very unhealthy relationship and in a bad head space, it actually helped me a lot :)


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