Thursday, April 25, 2013

Day 1299 - Anzac Day

On this Anzac Day we continue to travel ....

It seems we have created our own Anzac Day tradition of travelling south.  My Anzac Day post of last year says everything I want to say this year as well.  Word for word it sums up our day and my thoughts. The only difference this year will be that rather than travel all day we will STOP. We will stop at a beach and sit there looking out to see and reflecting on wars past, present and future.  We'll think about those who fight for us past, present and future. We'll think of their families past, present and future.  And we'll think of the fight that we have within us all ... past, present and future.  That is our Anzac Day.

How will you spend yours?


  1. Our Anzac Day is to take it slow, spend it as a family, connect and just be together - at slow-speed
    Enjoy your drive and the beach xx

  2. I spent the day with my mum and we went to the Brisbane Anzac Parade- it was so humbling seeing all the diggers with big smiles on their faces. What a great day.


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