Monday, April 29, 2013

Day 1303 - Eyebrows

Dying my own eyebrows (eeek!)

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Fresh back from my holidays and it seems my eyebrows have disappeared again.  Given it's time to zap away the grey skunk line appearing in my hair I figure it's time to also add some colour to my eye caterpillars.  I wonder if I could use the same hair dye I use for my head to colour my brows as well?

According to colourist expert Belinda Jeffrey at Nice N Easy (you can read my "how to go from light to dark" post here) it's important "To avoid a mismatched look, have your brows tinted professionally or colour your eyebrows with a brow pencil at least 2 shades darker, as natural brunettes tend to have a strong brow which really complements a dark hair colour." 

Now, I love that I don't have much body hair, and that most of the fluff on my face is blonde (except for that increasingly growing patch of pesky black middle aged chin hair), but that also means I have very light almost non-existent eyebrows.  They fall in the "you need to squint and peer really closely to see them" category.  So that means I am constantly having to have them dyed.

I have a great beautician who looks after me. I saw her the week before we started travelling. My eyebrows were in place for most of our journey.  And then suddenly, in the blink of an eye (pun intended), they disappeared.

So yesterday while I was dying my hair and husband's hair* I decided to take a chance and dye my brows the exact same colour. Notice how colour expert Belinda (above) says "tinted professionally" and "with a brow pencil" when talking about matching brows to hair colour. At no point does she suggest you use Nice n Easy to colour your brows yourself. Yes, I noticed that too, but I chose to ignore it.

Here is what happened:

  1.  I outlined my brows with Vaseline to ensure the colour only stuck to the immediate eyebrow area.  
  2. I grabbed a cotton bud and vary carefully applied the dye to my brows (knowing that any colouring outside the lines would be taken care of by the Vaseline).
  3. I sat and watched as the dye on my brows went from a wet light brown colour to a very scary black.
  4. In a panic I started to make plans on how I was going to masterfully use my foundation to bury my eyebrows for the next week given they were clearly going to end up looking like thick black hairy caterpillars.
  5. Ten minutes later, using a tissue (actually, it was toilet paper, but tissue sounds better), I wiped off the excess dye and decided that perhaps I could salvage the situation.
  6. Called Husband to inspect the damage to which he replied "it looks just like it does when you come home from the beautician" (good Husband).
  7. Showered to wash out the dye from my head while at the same time giving my eyebrows a scrub to remove some of the dye from the skin under my brows.
  8. Styled my hair and put on make up as usual and decided that perhaps it wasn't so bad after all!

So while my eyebrows aren't technically perfect, I've decided the outcome wasn't all that bad.  I think I may have gotten away with it. While I am not going to give up my beautician I do have a "back up plan" and a "in between appointments" solution to my eyebrow situation.

Please note that Nice n Easy in no way suggested I should dye my eyebrows with their hair dying product and there may be a scientific reason why perhaps I should use something more eyebrow specific.  But I took the Deep Fried plunge anyway.

Do you dye your own eyebrows?

* I use the same box of dye for both my hair and Derek's.  We are Deep Fried hair twins.  Scary I know. 

Note: I love Nice n Easy. It is my hair colour of choice because of the grey coverage, the easy application and the fact that the little conditioner they include lasts me three or four washes and makes my hair really shiny.  The fact that they send me free colour to try out from time to time came after my decision to stick with their product. 

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