Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Day 1304 - Migraine

The family curse continues.

I get them, my Dad gets them and my grandmother had them.  Now it seems my daughter gets them.  Our family curse is migraine.

On Sunday after cheerleading practise Tahlia came to me with spots dancing in front of her eyes.  Within ten minutes the headache set in.  Half an hour later and she was in a dark room with the blankets over her head with light sensitivity and an inability to lift her head off the pillow.  She couldn't even raise her head to lean over when she started vomiting.


I remember when I was a kid running around playing with friends.  While ever I ran the pain was minimal as it blended in with my footsteps.  But as soon as I stopped the thumping in my head would take over and I would end up crawling into the house, into bed with the blankets over my head.


As I got older the symptoms would change and become more stroke like.  The visual disturbances, tingling tongue, numbness down one side of the body, light sensitivity, nausea, vomiting and severe blood pumping headaches.


I recognised this is Tahlia when she was only four years of age.  Coming home from daycare crying of a sore head, walking up the stairs squinting against the light, shielding her eyes from the glare, walking to bed and throwing up on the way.


Other times she might be playing at the park on a particularly windy day.  Running, jumping, spinning and climbing.  The wind whipping around her head as she played.  The moment she stopped she would crumble with splitting headache, crawl into bed with a bucket beside her and put the blanket over her eyes.


Mine would come once a month when I got my period.  They would come in times of stress and due to bad "migraine" diet.  They would come from physical exertion, neck and shoulder pain.  And sometimes they would just come.


This is the second time Tahlia has had endured this extreme pain this year.  In just three months this condition has left her young body wrecked, her stomach empty and her head ready to explode.  I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy.

Tahlia Langdown (Esh Photography)
(C) Leanne Shea Langdown
All I can do is manage her diet, get preventative therapy, look for the signs, have the pain killers handy, stroke her hair and hug her through it. She too will survive.

Migraine is our family curse.

What's yours? 


  1. I never had migraines and we have no family history but 2 years ago I started getting them. For no reason. And they come more frequently now.
    My question is, what's the point? Why would our brains be created with this flaw?
    I swear by Nurofen Migraine by the way...

  2. Oh no, poor girl! She is gorgeous btw :)

    I suffer from an almost migraine type headache but I have never vomited. I do need dark and to lie down though.

    I hope she can perhaps find her triggers of she has any to be able to manage it.

  3. One of my cousins says it as: "in our family, we have our feet planted very firmly on the earth!" I'd like to think it was about having a green thumb but unfortunately it is more about having an overweight thumb (and the rest!). I'm still learning to think of it is a 'tendency' rather than a curse... and btw, Tahlia is blessed to have YOU as her understanding Mum!

  4. You know I understand...I've learned alot about my migraines....still trying to learn Nick. Since his nasal/tonsil/adnoid surgery, they have gotten a little better....but not much...ours come on by weather--cold fronts coming through..food..smells....they suck and I am feeling for her...I do hope she is on the mend. :(

  5. Migraines here too - I hate them so much. When they hit, I am wiped out for two days - I cannot get out of bed and cease to function. I agree, I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. Your poor daughter - how do you even begin to explain that she just may have to endure these for life?
    Big hugs xx

  6. I so feel for her - I used to get them all of the time.
    Now I am staying away from chocolate and diary (no longer have milk at all) I don't have them as much.
    Also found that since we have started our "Green Smoothies" every day I no longer get them.
    Hope she is back to feeling fine asap xx

  7. Oh poor kid. Migraines are in our family too - I was on a low dose of beta blockers throughout high school for them. Do they still prescribe that for migraine? The other trigger for me is fluro lights or the interplay of light and shadows, so wearing sunglasses a lot helps. But they have also lessened over the years - I hope hers do too. Not much comfort now though.

  8. I only get them ocassionally, but like you, would not wish them on anyone. They are such horrid things aren't they?
    Hope this doesn't become a perpetual problem for her.

  9. Oh man, this is the worst.
    I suffered migraines through my food chemical intolerances. I only know this because I have not had one since I went on the elimination diet. I have had major sinus headaches, but nothing that nears the horror of migraines.
    My Dad also suffered from them too as well as depression, so I guess that is what I got passed down to me.
    I truly hope it ends there for us and that for your beautiful daughter, you can manage them through diet and keeping a vigilant eye out for triggers.
    Becc @ Take Charge Now

  10. I'm so sorry, that's really tough. I began to suffer them in My early 20s but they never got really bad and they disappeared like they came. I recall though being almost blind from a migraine walking through the streets of London once, it even makes me feel sick thinking about it so I really empathize with you. Yr daughter is just gorgeous x

  11. You have a beautiful daughter (but I'm sure you know that already!).

    I get menstrual migraines, and so does Miss 16. I'm so sorry that I passed them on to her, I hate seeing her suffer. They suck big time!

  12. My older sister used to get them badly and blamed it on cheese?! I never got them.
    However we have all been plagued with bad sleep! I hope it passes. x

  13. Sorry to hear of your family curse and your daughter's suffering. I have had migraines but not frequently and remember the terror the first time I had numbness in my face and arms before the headache struck. I hope that she outgrows them if that is possible.

  14. I feel for your gorgeous daughter (& you).Hope the management techniques help ease them.
    A migraine knocked me out last Wednesday too.

  15. Oh yuck, poor love! My mum passed migraines on to me, and I'm just hoping Bell isn't in line for them too.

  16. Oh, poor thing. My mother and father get migraines and I get them, too. They're horrible. My husband doesn't understand as he's not suffered them and I don't get the rest and care I need, I am glad your daughter has someone who can help her when she needs it. I hope you're able to keep them at bay.

  17. My Mom used to suffer from them. I have had them occasionally and you are right - wouldn't wish them on anyone.
    It's so hard when it is our children that suffer and all we want to do is protect them.
    I landed up changing the pill that I was one because they were starting to occur every month and I couldn't afford to keep taking time off work. That seemed to work for me - now that I have got my hormones sorted out, touch wood they seem to have stopped for about 15 months now.
    Take care !
    #IBOT visitor


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