Thursday, May 2, 2013

Day 1306 - Kale

My introduction to kale

As a Deep Fried woman of the world I am always looking for ways to boost my immunity, fight the fatigue, increase my essential nutrient intake and generally battle the aging process. For those that follow Deep Fried Facebook you will have seen me post about kale a week or two back. Since that post I decided to get some in the house and see what I could do with it. It is after all being touted as one of the food wonders of the world right now.

First of all, let's look at why people are bowing to the power of kale.  Kale is:

  • Low calorie, high fibre and fat free
  • High in iron
  • High in vitamin K which is great for your bones and prevents clotting
  • High in antioxidants to fight all those cancerous free radicals
  • An anti-inflammatory so can help with stuff like arthritis
  • Good for your heart and can help lower cholesterol 
  • High in vitamin A which is good for aging vision and skin
  • High in vitamin C for immunity
  • High in calcium for bone health and metabolism

Kale is very much the buzz of celeb-ville which must mean it's super right? Gwenyth Paltrow swears by it. (She is coming up a lot on the Deep Fried radar at the moment ... coincidence or deep ceded girl crush?)  Jamie Oliver is a big advocate for the stuff as well. 

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So with all this in mind, last week I went to my local supermarket and scouted around for it.  All I found was "baby kale".  I figured that might be a good start.   It seems you can mix baby kale in your salad which is easy.  

Now before I go any further, my "research" has shown that cooked kale is a whole lot more powerful as an immune-boosting wonder food than uncooked kale.  But we're tip toeing into this with baby steps so baby kale is an obvious start. 

In the last week I have mixed baby kale with lettuce and included it in the family salad, on sandwiches and on my cruskits.  No one has complained. Yet. 

Baby kale on cruskits with cream cheese, ham, avocado and chia seeds

Baby kale in salad (alongside lasagne)

I have even added it to my morning "apple berry fusion" juice (V8) just so I have something else besides chia seeds to pick out of my teeth.  It's going down a treat!

Adding baby kale to juice of a morning with a spoon full of chia seeds

I have this vision that I will also chop it up like a herb and add it to spaghetti bolognese, blend it through pea and ham soup, and even add it to dishes like scrambled eggs.  I am thinking baby kale could be used in loads of things quite easily (and secretly). 

Now, there is a big difference between baby kale and kale. Kale in the adult form is apparently dense, bitter and can be tricky to digest. It's not like broccoli, for example, where it's easy and tasty enough on its own.  You need to do fancy things with kale to make it appealing.  Kale is also not something you should eat in large quantities every day or you could get overloaded with iron and vitamin K etc.  Anyone on blood thinners for example may need to steer clear of kale because of its anti-clotting properties.  Just like with everything else in life kale is best eaten in moderation. 

To be honest I think I will stick with the baby steps of baby kale. By all accounts its got all the same properties, just smaller.  

Have you jumped on the kale bandwagon?

Do you have any super foods you've been trying? 

*I need to keep a close eye on my kale intake and health as I have yet to determine if it is high in amines, salicylates or MSG yet which are my food sensitivities. It comes from the same family as broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage so I should be fairly safe.


  1. only in restaurants - tho I have noticed our florist now sells kale as a flower (big kale, not baby kale)

  2. OHHHH I discovered kale a few months ago when I juiced it with celery, green apple and parsley - it's pretty amazing - alas not always available in supermarkets - thanks for some more ideas and the reminder to buy more!

  3. Yes, I really like kale! So far I've used it in my normal salads mixed with lettuce, but I've also made a special kale and smoked trout salad a couple of times, after having a knockout version in a restaurant. Yum!

  4. My tip is kale chips. Dried in the dehydrator. You can thank me later. ;) xxx

  5. why do i feel like i've been living under a rock? this is my first introduction to kale! I thought it was a fish!?!?

  6. We love Kale! We used to have it all of the time when we lived in Mackay - Will have to see if I can source it down here in Wollongong.
    We love it with our Green Smoothies.Have heard that you can bake it as chips!

  7. Have yet to try it yet but certainly have been hearing lots about it - yes on Jamie's cooking shows too!!! But wow!! You are soooo healthy girl!!! Definitely looks like something I need to check out soon!!!

  8. Not kale but love other leafy greens. In fact we're about to eat some purple sprouting broccoli from Mum's garden. She has the best green fingers, makes food taste so good when it's so fresh.

    Keep up the kale news.

  9. I am so on the Kale bandwagon, you can pretty much say I'm addicted to it!
    I bake it after tossing it insome olive oil and lemon juice. Sublime!


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