Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Day 1311 - Taking risks

It's time to take a huge dive out of the comfort zone and into the unknown ...

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I have reached that point in my business that it's "make or break" time.  If we are going to move forward with Cheer Chick Charlie we need to invest a whole shit load of money.  We all know it takes money to make money, but sourcing the kind of money I need to progress is taking me outside my comfort zone.  Far, far, FAR outside my comfort zone.  So far in fact that I am physically shaking.  Perhaps yesterday's extreme cold was less about the temperature and more about me leaving my comfortably crowded fish bowl to dive into the unknown.  Maybe I was in shock.

I know all the theory behind achieving great things.  Things I know for sure:

  • It takes money to make money
  • If it was easy everyone would be doing it
  • The true magic lies outside the comfort zone in the abyss of the great unknown
  • There is no positive forward movement without a great deal of action
  • Taking baby steps is for babies - in time you'll have to grow
  • Believe in the possibilities and you'll achieve great things
  • Nobody wins a race by hanging around at the start line
  • With great success comes great risk and great sacrifice
  • Your dreams need to scare you as much as they excite you.
But as a mother, applying all of the stuff I know to our family life is scary! If we didn't have kids it would be easier because I wouldn't have the "mumma lion" need to take the safe options. 

Last June we launched Cheer Chick Charlie.  As you know Charlie is being introduced to the world via a series of children's books and motivational products.  We also have fitness clothes, sports bags, dolls, pom poms and we're about to release an app to encourage kids to dance.  We've got an interactive website, social media, monthly newsletter, You Tube channel with 'how to cheer' videos by the Cheer Chicks and a mascot suit.  We've got everything ready to go.  Which takes me back to the point where I am on the edge of that cliff ...

I guess the launch last June was really a "soft launch" because we haven't stepped up in terms of large scale marketing and PR. At the moment we are sitting in the "introduction" phase of using the existing cheerleading community as our route to market.  But the reality is that Cheer Chick Charlie wasn't actually designed (just) for cheerleaders.  Everybody needs a cheerleader in their life.  Cheer Chick Charlie is for all kids.

Which requires money and an enormous leap outside my comfort zone.

Finding $100,000 for business is often easier than it may seem.  Especially when your business is deemed to have promise. Half the battle is actually making the decision to source it. But it comes with a shitload of risk and far too many heart palpitations. Particularly when you are either getting it from investors or taking a huge extension on your mortgage (or both).  Definitely the stuff sleepless nights are made of.  

And then you have to trust somebody to spend it for you.  You have to find a branding consultant or marketing guru who has the networks, vision and expertise to take your $100,000 and turn it into $200,000.

And then you have to adjust your lifestyle to fit in with your new not-so-financial status.

It's all just too much!

It's taking me out of my comfort zone and I am scared.  But strangely enough I am also quite excited.  

When was the last time you had to step outside your comfort zone?

Was there magic on the other side?

Does anyone know a great PR/marketing company?

If you don't know about Charlie yet check out my amateur promo vid on the Charlie concept. 


  1. Big commitment but are you getting the results anticipated? Can't you take that to the bank and get a loan (ie showing projected sales backed up by what you've achieved so far?)
    A dream is just a wish without a plan. I think you've done great so far (I've been following with interest for awhile). I'd love to write a cheque but alas I'm not the billionaire I'd like to be...
    What about those business loans that you tender for? (get googling)
    Good luck!

  2. I'm so there with you in fact on par. I dragged my daughter half way around the world last year to source treasures for my online treasure shop - exquisite toys and homewares from France. I had no idea I was going to actually do it, it was just a dream. Now I have thousands of dollars worth of treasures about to land on my doorstep - literally ... And it's daunting, and scary, it's just me and my daughter ... I work my arse off in the day to pay the rent but I wanted something more for her and I - that's my motivation. I don't know how I'm going to pull it off cos I don't even really have the cheer leaders yet, but if you don't start the race ... As u sagely mentioned. Have u looked at pozitble crowd sourcing, and edelmans is a good pr co (not sure what they charge though). Good luck honey, see u in the trenches x

  3. Sounds scary! I suppose you have to take risk to move forward, good luck :)

  4. Oh yes. It is scary. But you know what? If you believe enough in what you do, you should take the leap. It will be worth it x

  5. Its better to live the dream then to always wonder what if ... sure there will be sacrifices but to live the life you want and do something you love will make both you and your family far happier than just cruising along in life comfortably without really following your passions and your dreams. Imagine what an inspiration you are to your kids the fact they can see their Mum following her dreams through the hard times and ups and downs and trying to make them come true xx

  6. A really scary step, but you have done your research and you have put in the hard yards to get to where you are. It's the next natural progression point. I am cheering you on! (pun intended. ;)

  7. Wow that is a huge commitment but with that you will make it work! Get a business mentor, someone who you admire and keep your chin up. Good luck!

  8. Oh Leeane it is terrifying! I'm finding investing the $5000 for my book is hard enough!!
    At the same time, I am so excited for you. Cheer Chick Charlie is awesome, and I know she is going to be huge

  9. Wow Leanne, as scary as this is, it's also very exciting!! I'll be following with great interest too.

  10. GO YOU!! I think you've done so much hard work and I really hope it comes off. I'm about to start putting myself out there because I've lost my major writing contract for the newspapers I used to be on staff at. So I'm going to have to get out there and make work happen - scary stuff!

  11. I was made redundant last year and started my own business as a virtual assistant instead. It's been a HUGE learning curve and pushed me WAY out of my comfort zone - feel like I've been pushed out of my comfy nest and am flapping my wings madly trying to stay aloft - but I do believe the day is coming when I will be soaring with the eagles!

    So yes, I hear all your fear and doubts and worries and excitement. All I can say is do your homework, and GO FOR IT!

  12. Huge decisions to make - my advice? go with your gut - you won't be wrong. If this is meant to be - then don't let apprehension and worries stand in the way. Let go a little and let a dream flourish - I think Charlie is an incredible character and all that she stands for deserves to grow xx

  13. Wow, huge step to take, but as you say, better to take that leap, rather than spending your life regretting not taking it. Best wishes and all the luck in the world :)

    Hello from #teamIBOT

  14. Thanks for all your great comments, suggestions and encouragement guys. I really appreciate the support. I'll keep you posted on progress!
    Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit

  15. Good on you for chasing your dreams Leanne!! Charlie will be good to you, she's a winner! Can't wait to see where this takes you x


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