Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Day 1312 - Pasta Bake

On this (relatively) Wordless Wednesday I give you Pasta Bake!
Warning: I really suck at being wordless
Pasta Bake from the world of Deep Fried Fruit
Again, I must stress that I am not a foodie nor a chef.  I am however a mother which makes me have to cook so I am always looking for quick and easy dinner ideas ... particularly when the fridge is bare and I have no meat in the house.  Enter diced bacon (always in freezer), shredded cheese (always in the freezer), peas (always in the freezer), pasta (always in cupboard) and whatever sagging veges/salad I had left in the fridge.

Pasta, capsicum, baby kale, red onion, grated cheese, diced bacon (and cheese sauce)

Cook pasta, sautee the bacon, capsicum and red onion, cook up the cheese sauce (tablespoon of butter melted, stir in tablespoon of flour, then add a cup of grated cheese and a cup of milk. Stir until melted and put aside.)

Mix all cooked ingredients together and include frozen peas and chopped baby kale. Sprinkle cheese on top and cook in oven for 40 minutes.

Serve with vegies or salad and garlic bread.
Don't overcook the vegies like I did!! 


  1. We had pasta bake last night as I could not stand the thought of dragging 2 feral children to the shops!! It is such a yummy, cheap and easy dinner!!

  2. Im a fan of pasta bake too but Im too lazy to make the cheesy sauce, I just sprinkle the cheese on top! Maybe thats why its a little dry ... must try sauce next time :)

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  4. Minus bacon and plus chopped tomato in our world!

    Love it Leanne! ;) xx

  5. That looks so yummy, and much nicer than what we had for dinner tonight! I cooked with whatever we had left, and put it in our Slow Cooker. Then served it up with toast/cheese slices on top.
    I like your Pasta Bake way better!!

  6. This is a staple in our house - especially on swimming lesson nights when I need to get something cooked quickly!! xx

  7. I do this a lot but I add cheese sauce, yours is MUCH healthier! Em

  8. That's dinner sorted for tomorrow night.
    Looks easy and tasty.


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