Thursday, May 9, 2013

Day 1313 - Photo Shoot

Tomorrow I have to get my glam on ...

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I have been contacted by Canberra Weekly Magazine who want to run a story on Cheer Chick Charlie which will include an author photo shoot.  They suggested this might end up as a cover story.  Wow! So yesterday I got my instructions and the shoot will take place with a professional photography studio who specialise in glam photos. Eeek! I am starting to wish I'd gone shopping and organised a trip to the beautician, hairdresser and make-up artist.

But alas time and money aren't allowing for such luxuries right now so I will have to settle with clothes that are well worn and a beauty regime at my own bathroom mirror.

It's time to dig into the Deep Fried Toolbox:


  • Washed and conditioned and let to almost fully dry naturally. Add velcro rollers for fullness and then use the flat iron to give the hair some control
  • Use mascara to cover up any greys
  • Spray with a shitload of hairspray
  • Estee Lauder foundation with fancy stuff in it that helps smooth out a Deep Fried face
  • Bronzer to give the illusion of some youthful glow
  • An eyebrow pencil on standby in case my eyebrows disappear
  • some natural eyeshadow tones
  • A lipstick with some "wow"
  • I'm not allowed to wear block white or block black and patterns can't be too fancy.
  • Black dress pants, cream top and button up red blazer (option one)
  • A black and white patterned dress with hot pink through it (option two)
  • Red dress with black shoes and fancy stockings (option three)
  • First two options have already broken the "not allowed" rules! 
  • Panic
Beauty regime:
  • Bath tonight with special oils 
  • Dehair face, legs and under arms
  • No alcohol
  • A day of fruit and veggies
  •  Lots of water
  • Cold green tea bags on eyes in the morning
  • Warm water with lemon as a kick starter
  • Exercise my smile muscles
Have I missed anything?

But seriously - what the hell am I going to wear (that I haven't already been photographed in before)?


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  1. So exciting and what a break!

    Best of luck. Thank you also for the hair tip.

    SSG xxx


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