Friday, May 10, 2013

Day 1314 - Olay Regenerist

As I prepare for my photo shoot I shout out "Ole!" "Olay!"

Deep Fried Fruit getting ready with Olay
Read here for the run down on why I am glamming it up this morning. 

It is no secret that I am a fan of Olay. I've been using it (on and off) since I was in my early 20s. Yes peeps, that means I have been using it (on and off) for 20 years.  In fact, I asked for a great big basket load of the stuff from Mum for Christmas (which I got) to help me ward off those visible signs of aging.  It seems the people at Olay heard about my love for their brand and they offered me the opportunity to give some away to my readers.  That's you!

Firstly, let me give you the low down.  The stuff I am holding in my hands is the Olay Regenerist Micro Sculpting Serum, and the Micro Sculpting Cream.  Both of which are from their Advanced Anti Aging range.

Now the thing about these products are that Olay have just released them with all new formula upgrades! It's all very scientific but basically it incorporates some sort of cellular bioenergetics which now come with 20% more anti-ageing ingredients. That means our skin can become more energised, fresher and younger looking. Woot woot!

The wonderful Rebecca Gibney (48) is a bit of fan.  As their Brand Ambassador she gets to use this stuff a lot and I'm thinking it's doing good things for her! She quotes that 60 percent of women believe skin care brands only occasionally live up to their claims ... and to those women she says "I challenge you to try new Olay Regenerist".

Image Source
No need to challenge me Rebecca. I'm already on board!

And you could be too.

How to enter:
In the comments section below, on Deep Fried Facebook, via text, email or on twitter #DFFOlay, just give a big shout out to someone you think looks brilliant at any age and you'll go into the draw to win the Olay Regenerist Micro Sculpting Serum and Micro Sculpting Cream.  Feel free to enter more than once via the various social media channels.  There are TWO packs to give-away!

Don't forget to leave me a trail so that I can easily find your contact details and be sure to share the love with your friends.  It would make a great Mother's Day treat! Open to Aussie readers only and competition ends next Friday 17 May at midnight.

PS My answer to the "brilliant at any age" question is Elle McPherson.  How freaking hot is she at 50?! Oh, and Rebecca Gibney of course ...and Ellen ... and Mum ... 


  1. Elle is a great answer. She looks so natural. I sometimes see older hollywood women and think they look great, but then you have to wonder how much makeup is caked on to their faces! I think Felicity Huffman looks STUNNING and she is 50 also. I'd be stoked to look half that good at 50!! -Aroha

  2. Watched a great clip the other day of Dianne Keaton on Ellen's show, and they talked about Susan Sarandon. Three awesome women, right there.

  3. I think Julianne Moore is fabulous also. She's over 50 but has the most gorgeous pale and wrinkle-free skin! I love her natural look.

  4. Actress Helen Mirren looks stunning for her age. She's so classy, elegant and beautiful. Love her!

  5. Demi Moore comes to mind immediately!!! Images of her in that cozzie in the last Charlie's Angels movie was like wow! Although I have to say with her recent marriage break up she doesn't look as great but she is still one of my favourite of all times!! And also my beautiful and gorgeous mum - we once went to a restaurant where women over 50 gets a free meal - she is 67 ( I hope she doesn't kill her for mentioning her real age online!), they still asked for her ID!!! Love Love her!!! Happy Mother's Day mum!!! If I win this - its for you!!!! :)

  6. Jamie Lee Curtis. She has always had such incredible confidence. And she's aging so beautifully.

  7. Susan Sarandon at 62 looks just so stunning. I love how the aging beauties put a lot of the young ones to shame by being so natural - wrinkles & all.


  8. I am an Olay girl too! I would say Elle.. wow!!

  9. Halle Berry looks amazing at 46! And my mum! She's 80 this year and doesn't look a day over 60. And I'm not being biased either!

  10. Everyone wants to look younger and beautiful and for that Olay is a brand that is manufacturing products that have anti-aging ingredients. This product has no side effects, I know it because I am using it for the last eight years but that best writing services helpful for the students to manage their thesis work. Thank you for writing an article on this brand.


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