Friday, May 17, 2013

Day 1321 - Looking good at any age

Lookin' good Shazza!

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For the last week I've been reflecting a bit on the people around us that seem to look good at any age.  Sharon Stone is 55 years old and she seems to scrub up pretty good.  In response to my post of last Friday a bunch of you have given me your "looking good at any age" suggestions.

Elle Macpherson was one piece of not-so-Deep-Fried-Fruit that a few of us acknowledged.

Beautiful at any age - and totally rocks boho beads and pink highlights at 50
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The lovely Felicity Huffman was another middle ager whose beauty shines through.

Felicity is looking pretty darn good at 50,
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Diane Keaton is pretty glamorous and quite sexy. 

This gorgeous woman is 67 years of age
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Susan Sarandon was another one that popped up! I am pleased to see a brunette in the list finally.

Looking good at 66 Suzie McGoozie
She shares my birthday!
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Halle Berry was another glamour queen that doesn't seem to age.

Looking good Halle! 46 years of age

And of course there is no doubting Helen Mirran! 

Still got it at 67
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We all adore Ellen at any age

55 years old and getting better and better
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Demi Moore - There's no doubting she's sexy

Looking great at 50
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Wow this list is getting really long! Also on the list are Jamie Lee Curtis, Julianne Moore, and a bunch of us also mentioned our own mothers.

So what's their secret? 

According to interviews and articles I've been reading about looking young in Hollywood there's a fair bit of filling, botox, laser, and chemical peeling going on. There's also some plastic surgery. Apparently it also helps to have a professional make up artist at your beck and call, and some of them admit to photo airbrushing.

But it doesn't all require a big salary nor a cheat sheet. Being sun safe was highlighted (NB: sun safe rather than sun avoidance).  Others suggest it is all about diet, exercise, drinking massive amounts of water and hanging out with younger people.  Spending quality and active time with children was high on the list for some people.

Laughter and the ability to smile was a big one.  And of course, Ellen swears by a daily dose of dancing.

Moisturising was on just about every list, and a youthful mindset is one that stood out for me.

What would you add to this list?

Who would you add to this list? Who do you think looks good at any age?

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Brrr - it's cold in Canberraville.
But I'm loving my Olay!


  1. I know you were talking women, but I'm flipping over to men. All the big name Korean actors in Hollywood (and US TV) are all in their 40's and they all look smokin'. What's that about? Daniel Dae Kim is the oldest in Hawaii 50 and the best looking by far. The rather charming Byung Hun Lee, while having been acting forever, has only made it Hollywood big now, in in 40's. (mind you, his co-stars are always older than him, so that helps).
    Not sure if they look young, or just handsome...maybe both.
    My question is, why do I get excited when actors (females too) are my age? Do I think there's still some time for me to make it big in Hollywood?

  2. I love watching women age gracefully without plastic surgery. Michelle Pfeiffer is my fave! (still young at 55 but denys going under the knife)

  3. I love seeing these women, it is really encouraging to see and for me, to strive for. I do really appreciate that I have young (ish) looking face and hope to maintain that. Olay and Avon are my saviours! And might I just add, you look -amazing- yourself!

  4. I think everything you've listed is important, sun protection and drinking lots of water are definitely bigies. But never underestimate the power of Photoshop when it comes to looking good at any age! Lol! Cynical? Yes. True? Sadly so.

  5. Olivia Newton John never ceases to look fantastic. I am not sure how much work she has had done, but for the most part she looks naturally healthy and full of vitality. Can I add Christie Brinkley in there too? And.....oh, you are right. The list does keep going once you start :)
    Becc @ Take Charge Now

  6. I love women feeling beautiful at any age. Age is such a box rather how about being free to be just who you are, where you are. Beauty shines from the inside anyway. xxx

  7. I think Meryl Streep is a stunner! Especially at this age. Loved her in "The Devil Wears Prada"


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