Sunday, May 19, 2013

Day 1323 - Ginger Tea

This post it brought to you by a woman sipping home-made ginger tea ...

A very simple ginger "tea"
When I say "home-made" that's probably overstating it a bit. When I say "tea" that's definitely overstating it a lot. I boiled the kettle, grabbed a teaspoon of ginger from a jar, and stirred it in the hot water.  That simple. Not exactly a chef secret, nor is there a tea leaf it sight. But I'm still gonna claim the home-made tea status. I've had an upset stomach for a few days and after yesterday's post I figured I would put my money where my mouth is (or my ginger where my mouth is ...?!?!) to see if this stuff actually works.  You know what? I think it does! My tummy is definitely starting to settle down. Next trial will be to add mint.  I might even try ginger mixed in my green tea. Genius!*

* In my own mind at least. 

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