Monday, May 20, 2013

Day 1324 - The family lunch box

This is what my kitchen bench looks like at 6.00am

The Deep Fried bench top at lunch preparation time
I haven't even had a cuppa yet, nor showered or eaten breakfast, and already I'm having to think about lunch.  One of the first things I do (after checking my emails, stretching and blogging) is get the family lunches sorted.

Everyone wants something different.

Derek likes me to use the cholesterol reducing margarine on his sandwich, and he'd like ham with salad and perhaps some mustard pickles. And while I'm at it can I make some for his mate who sits next to him and has no lovely wife to pack his lunch.  Sure Husband, because that is what wives are for after all.  Derek will also take about three pieces of fruit for munching on throughout the day.

Derek and his work mate - ham with a variety of salad items and mustard pickles

Don't forget the fruit!

Tahlia will  have a sandwich but will have canola marg with lettuce, tomato, cheese and carrot with some mayonnaise.  Oh, and don't forget the chia seeds for Miss Healthy Eater. Sometimes she'll choose a salad instead with a bunch of bread sticks on the side.  She'll choose an apple for recess and I'll throw in some cookies, Shapes or cream cheese and cracker "dippers". I might also throw in some carrot sticks for the bus ride home. Oh, and how about some grapes for good measure.

Tahlia - cheese, lettuce, tomato, carrot. chia seeds and mayo

Plus some extras cause no mummy wants hungry kids
Darby isn't much into sandwiches which makes packing his lunch quite a challenge.  He actually eats ANYTHING this kid, but for whatever reason, bread just isn't a favourite.  So today I have done some flavoured rice cakes with cheese slices, and a small side salad.  For "fruit boost" he's having a banana and for recess I'll usually do chips, cookies, cake, "cheesy dippers" or a muesli bar.  Let's throw in some grapes for good measure. Darby would prefer a full meal for lunch if he could. He'd love to be able to eat curry, stir fry, pies, sausages, lassagne ... anything with meat basically ... for breakfast, lunch and dinner! But for the sake of his colon I think we need to stick with some fruit, veggies and dairy in the day time and leave his manly meat needs for the dinner table.

Darby - a full side salad with rice cakes and cheese

And Darby will eat all the extras ... he's a boy!
Today I need to pack extras for both the kids because they have tutoring directly after school.  This means afternoon tea on the run.  The cupboard is somewhat bare I have to say.  Time to get creative.  How about some peanut butter "rolly pollies"?  That's bread (without crusts) smothered in peanut butter and rolled up, then cut into smaller pieces.  Given the "no peanut" rule at both schools I will take this with me when I do the taxi run this arvo.

Making peanut butter rolly pollies for afternoon tea

Ready for taxi-mum to take it to tutoring this arvo

As for me, I won't even think about my lunch for another 6 hours.

So that's what I'm doing at 6.00am.

Do you run a delicatessen at dawn? 


  1. You are a super Mum!
    Im slack and send my bf off with leftovers if we have any otherwise he has to buy his lunch! I stock up on the tin soup myself or tuna and crackers. That was the best thing about living at home my Mum would pack me a salad and tuna or ham etc every day. My friends use to be so jealous and all I could do was wish I was given money for the canteen for a chip roll or pie. Now I know how lucky I had it. It also kept me pretty slim and healthy :)


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