Thursday, May 23, 2013

Day 1327 - Canberra Weekly Magazine

Does this make me a cover girl?

Leanne Shea Langdown - Canberra Weekly
I wasn't actually going to blog today.  I decided that Deep Fried Fruit was to be closed for business. Achieve Beyond was also closed for business.  As was Cheer Chick Charlie. It's a bit of a grey sky day and I am feeling tired and blue.  And my body aches. So I dedicated my day to cooking, groceries and the couch.  And then I literally ran into myself coming out of Woollies.  My trolley smacked into a magazine rack with a bunch of Canberra press. After I swore I realised I was staring at myself. This wasn't due out until June! So I figured it might be worth blogging about.

You'll remember a few weeks back I was getting ready for a photo shoot. I was shouting out Ole Olay as I had my hair in curlers and was trying to work out what to wear.  Well this is the end result.

My grey sky day filled with winter blues has found a ray of sunlight.

Of course I took ten copies ...

I have to be honest ... as vain as this sounds, I wished they'd airbrushed my neck wrinkles. I also wish they'd mentioned where to buy Cheer Chick Charlie stuff (ie my website).
But other than those minor (and somewhat ungrateful sounding) details I am a very happy camper!  


  1. No need for airbrushing ... you look great

  2. Agree with Nanny!...You look fantastic and should be SOOO proud!! and yes, this makes you a cover girl!! And if anyone wants to know where to buy or website, that is what Professor Google is for! congrats...

  3. Thanks - to my two biggest cheerleaders :)

  4. You look great Im so glad you went for the red outfit :) You should be very proud of yourself ... I am xx


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