Friday, May 24, 2013

Day 1328 - Getting enough sleep

Apparently 72% of Aussie women get no more than 7 hours sleep a night*.

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I need a minimum of 8 hours to get me through. If I don't get that minimum, my fibromyalgia symptoms set in, I end up in a fog, my resilience is low and I become a very intolerant mummy. And yes, there will be tears. Getting the right amount of sleep is critical for my health... and for the mental state of the people around me.  But waking up at 4.30am every day is not exactly working in well with my minimum requirements!

Do you lose your snooze?

In a magazine I was reading a couple of months ago** they suggested that going without sufficient sleep  can be linked to increased appetite (tick), reduced problem-solving capacity (tick) and heart disease (I hope not!).  

According to research by the University of Surrey in the UK, even minor sleep deprivation can damage genes associated with immunity and the body's response to stress (I hear ya sista!)

Dr Charli Sargent, a senior research fellow at Central Queensland University, gave magazine readers her top five tips to help improve sleep:

  1. Make a date with your bed: Ensure you have at least two nights a week where you dedicate yourself to having an early night and getting at least nine hours of sleep. If you do this Monday and Tuesday it sets you up for a great week.  Check! 
  2.  Say no to television in the bedroom: The TV stimulates our brains making it hard to initiate sleep, plus with a good TV show it stops us from falling asleep when we should. I personally love to fall asleep to the TV (with the timer on) so this is a tricky one for me.  I read another article recently that suggested we watch re-runs because the brain is less stimulated and you already know the ending meaning you are able to fall asleep easier. Check!
  3. Routine, routine, routine: If we have a set routine before bed it signals our body that we need to start unwinding.  Turn off the lights 30-60 minutes before sleep time, turn on a couple of mood-lit lamps instead, and perhaps have a warm shower or bath.  Of course! We do this for our kids ... might as well apply it to ourselves as well. Check! 
  4. Don't kill time: Clock watching while trying to sleep is frustrating and keeps the mind alert.  Cover up your clock and don't have your mobile phone in your bedroom at all.  I think this one may actually help me. My clock watching comes at 4.00- 4.30am. Perhaps if I turn my clock around and just rely on the alarm to wake me I will fall back to sleep in the wee dawn hours. Check!
  5. Don't sleep on it: If you find it hard to switch off and if you are someone who is thinking about the things you need to do in the coming days (yes), then make lists and plan before you go to bed to give yourself a mental break. I also like the idea of keeping a notepad next to the bed to jot down those middle of the night "to dos".  Check!

So there you have it.  Some tips and tricks to help get you the amount of sleep you need for positive forward movement.

Do you have any snooze clues up your sleeve?

Do share! 

* The 72% quote up there is according to a leading magazine poll taken earlier this year.  Which magazine? See ** below.

**I clipped an article out of a magazine a few months ago but forgot to write down what mag it came out of. I have a feeling it may have been the Woman's Day?  Apologies to the original source for not being able to credit you properly. 


  1. By this, I definitely sleep too little. 7 hours of completely broken sleep. But I always feel ok. I seem to need less sleep as I grow older...but maybe this is a warning! x

  2. No tips. I seem to need less too - which is depressing. I always think of Sartre surviving on 4 hours a night...but with all that existential panic, you wouldn't want to waste a second either...

  3. I am just like you. If I haven't had a minimum of (usually) 9 hours, I am a basket case.
    I can't say goodbye to the TV in my room, although I have been very good of late and have been reading on most nights.
    Number 5 is a great idea though. Even if its the middle of the night, it is best to jump up (yes, even in the cold) and write it down. It really does work!
    Becc @ Take Charge Now

  4. Oh this is a big problem for me. I've always been on one of those people who gets less sleep than most and doesn't seem to have an issue with it, but as I've gotten older that has changed and I find I need more sleep. Since having Punky its become hard to go to bed early as once she is in bed that's my time and I try to cram as much in as I can and I often don't get to bed till midnight. And at the moment, with the lovely pregnancy-induced insomnia starting to rear its ugly head again I am struggling! Thankfully I finish work in 4 weeks an I'll have a bit more time so hopefully I won't feel the need to be up till midnight trying to cram everything in!

    I am really getting to the point though where I think I need to ban my phone from the bedroom. I got in to bed last night and made the mistake of watching a video I'd made of Punky on my phone, which then led to watching every video I had of her on my phone and before I knew it an hour had gone past and it was almost midnight yet again!

    I am going to try some of these tips though, I really do need to try and maximise sleep now before PJ#2 gets here.

  5. The good ol' nanna nap on the weekend helps keep me sane :-)

  6. I switch off media at least an hour before going to bed. Or just not go on at night at all. I find that meditation and breathing exercises do amazing wonders too!

  7. A very timely post for me Leanne. I'm lucky to get 6 hours each night and I'm starting to feel more tired and exhausted every day. I find it hard to wind down at night and I find it very hard to get back to sleep again once I wake up to the kids. I need to set a few nights a week where I go to bed earlier - that's a great place to start for me.


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