Saturday, May 25, 2013

Day 1329 - Gratitude

This week I am grateful for the little things that make winter bearable ...

The foggy Deep Fried view this morning.
As I stand at my balcony window with my hands wrapped around a warm cup of tea, looking above the foggy rooftops of our street, I am contemplating the things that have made this wintery week bearable.

This week I am grateful for:

  • Porridge and the fact that my thirteen year old daughter eagerly gets up every morning to make it herself.
  • A husband who is happy to wash the extra dishes in the morning after we forget to turn on the dishwasher the previous night.
  • Central heating with a timer that is set to come on at 4.30am in readiness for my usual 5.00am start to the day (although today I didn't surface until 6.30 which was a bonus).
  • My thirteen year old dressing gown which was given to me by my hubby for my first ever mother's day. 
  • The wheat pack my lovely masseuse Joy made for me which not only soothes an aging and (possibly) arthritic body, but also warms the body instantly when worn under a dressing gown against the tummy and chest. 

What are you grateful for? 


  1. I can't complain too much about winter as I live in Queensland, but I do enjoy all of those things, especially porridge, oh and warm cuddles from my littlies in the mornings :-)

  2. The central heating sounds lovely Leanne. Even though it's supposed to be warm up here in the north, I still feel the cold.
    Can't beat hot porridge :)

  3. Love the photo series documenting everything. I lived in Sydney for 8 years but I swear 6 years in Brisbane and I am totally a cold weather sissy! Will be freezing my butt off in a few weeks visiting hubby down there brrr wnjoy your heating and porridge!


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