Monday, May 27, 2013

Day 1331 - A desk day

Today will be spent with my head down, bum up.

Image source - doesn't look like the best position for getting lots of work done?!
"Head down, bum up" is a weird saying. It just means it's a nose-to-the-grindstone kinda day (another weird saying). The "head down" bit is literal, but the "bum up" bit is figurative given it would be super hard to get much done with your arse in the air. I wonder why we say "bum up"? 

Regardless of where the saying comes from, it is definitely a head down, bum up day for me today.

The first point on my to-dos is to go through all the book five edits again and get them to my printer so he can make changes on his print ready version.  You see, we always pick up a bunch of new "errors" once we see the book in its print ready state.  The eyes tune in differently to the book ready version than they do to a Word document.  Once I get those changes through he will print me a hard copy mock up for ANOTHER go through.  Again, the eyes and brain engage differently when the story is bound and in our hands.  Head down, bum up.

The second point on my to-dos is to get ready for tomorrow's food photo shoot.  It's time to update "Charlie's Lunch Box" and my photographer Rachel is giving me two hours tomorrow morning. I haven't even thought about what the new food "inventions" will be!! Let alone buy the ingredients and practise them. So yeah, head down, bum up as I explore the possibilities on line. I'll save the purchasing and practise for dawn tomorrow morning.

The third point is to finish all the paperwork for the Toy and Game Expo. I am getting antsy as I realise it's only two weeks until the Toy and Game Expo in Sydney where Charlie will appear in a "general public" capacity for the first time in Australia.  Up until now she's been kept within the cheerleading community. There is much to do in preparation including finalising displays, banners, stock, paperwork, packaging for purchases, organising the performance by our Cheer Chicks and putting some thought into the seminars I am speaking at. It would be nice to have Book 5 available too but alas I don't think the print run will be done in time.  Besides ... better not to rush these things.  Head down, bum up.

I have exactly six hours to get all that done within school hours, before family time (including taxi runs for kids tutoring) takes over. Definitely a head down, bum up kind of day for me.

Happy Monday!


  1. Wow - I really admire you for having the initiative to get all of this done. I wish you the most productive day.

  2. Best of luck with it all I hope you worked your butt off and got it all done!


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