Friday, May 31, 2013

Day 1335 - Doggy Do Do

This post has gone to the dogs ....

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Book - Dog Poo on the Pram Wheels
When it comes to canine excrement, where do you sit with the whole "picking up after yourself" debate? 

I am a dog owner.  In the "old days", Max the beautiful blonde blind Lab hardly ever pooed while we were out walking which was a bonus for me given I vomit on queue when it comes to doggy do do.  However as he ages, his walks have become less of a walk and more of a drag. "Walking" largely comprises a sniffathon and a toilet break.  But despite my tendency to retch and heave, I continue to bag up his poo and take it home with me to ensure others don't have to deal with his droppings.

While on our walk yesterday I noted that the little "reserve" near our home is now littered with dung! The moment you step away from the playground and off the bike path, there are piles and piles of poop.  It has me wondering ... am I the only sucker who continues to collect crap?

Tell me, what's your take on dog poo?  Should we take it, or leave it?

Is it better left where it is to fade naturally into the earth for good sustainability? (Rather than bagging it up and keeping it trapped in a life of plastic?)

Or is it better to think of the sustainability of our shoes, pram wheels, footballs, bike tyres and toddler hands and keep the stuff clear of our parklands?

When it comes to canine excrement, where do you sit with the whole "picking up after yourself" debate? 

This post comes without pictures. You're welcome. 

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  1. If in a public place, take it. Then if you want to leave it, dump it on your lawn and let it fade into nature. Guessing I won't be seeing piles of it on anyone's lawn.
    You could invent an enviro bin for it tho...actually that's one of my Torshlusspanik challenges - maybe I could invent that. Stay tuned...

  2. Oh, I definitely say take it! The number of times I've been walking with my son and there's a huge pile of dog poo (must have been the biggest dog ever because it was the biggest poo ever) right there to be stood on. It's easy enough to bring a bag, pick it up and throw it in the next bin. It's hard though when your dog does nice runny ones...then you can't pick it up. Sorry TMIF!

  3. I have two dogs and OMG it is so important to take it. I could not imagine leaving it behind for others to potentially tread in....could you imagine if everyone left their doggy do lying around, what a filthy place we would live in??

  4. Take it or leave it..... lol seriously though take it!

    Thanks for the laugh, have a great weekend.

    Mystery x

  5. I don't have a dog, but I am sick of people leaving dog poo in from of my house. A lot of people in our area own big dogs and big dogs do BIG poo! >:(

  6. Back in the day you never took it! When bag it rules were passed it seemed ridiculous.

    Of course we also smoked in the movie theater,airplanes, and the supermarket.

    Bag it!!!

  7. I so think it must be picked up. I am not a dog owner {at the moment!} but I really think that if we did have one then I would make sure its picked up.
    I too gag at the most annoying times with smells so I am not sure how successful I would be, but I wouldn't want to leave it behind because what if a young child was to find it? Or someone stepped on it?

  8. Ugh, I really can't stand people who don't pick up after their dog's poo poo!
    We don't have dogs but people are forever leaving dog poo in our front lawn...drives me insane!
    Then there's our stoopid neighbour upstairs. Dog dung all over our backyard. Something needs to be done about that!

  9. I've always been a little obsessed with pointing out dog poo so that everyone can avoid stepping in it. Hate that people just leave it behind without thought of others stepping (or rolling their prams) in it and then unknowingly taking into their own homes. I have a little dog and always pick up after him in those black biodegradeable bags but when I had big dogs (rotties and English Mastiffs) many years ago it wasn't expected to pick up after them in the street so I used to train them not to poo outside of their back yard.

  10. Definitely pick it up and take it, at least there are now biobags around which will, with the poo, bio-degrade over time.


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