Saturday, June 1, 2013

Day 1336 - Cheer Chick Charlie

When will the editing end?

Cheer Chick Charlie book five - the final editing process
As we prepare to print book number five of the series, I notice that we are getting better and better at this editing gig.  We are now picking up every comma, space, and the ever so slight grammatical flaw. We are so good in fact that I am wondering if the editing of this book will ever end?  This is what a hard copy mock-up looks like after it has been edited.  Today I am grateful for the tireless work of my editors, the patience of my printer, the invention of computers and little sticky Post-It flags.

What are you grateful for?

Why not take a stroll over to Kidspot and their 52 Weeks of Grateful page to see what others are giving thanks for this week. Bring your cuppa with you ...

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  1. Looks great. Light at the end of the tunnel is approaching.. And I love the sticky fags too, any flag product is big in my house

  2. Ohhhh I love a good edit!!! Excellent thing to be grateful for.

  3. How exciting Leanne, one of the best parts of the process I think :)


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