Sunday, June 2, 2013

Day 1337 - Deep Fried Weekend

It has been a mixed bag this weekend .....

Tahlia and I had excitement yesterday as she had her very first professional model shoot conducted by Juzz Photography*, with make-up by Samara Gentle.  It was pouring rain in Canberraville but that didn't dampen our spirits as we adjusted our locations to include a shearing shed and underground city carpark.

After a fabulous day worthy of celebration, the weekend took a dive as Derek and I spent the night in Emergency. Just after we went to bed I got struck down with severe pain really low in the pelvic region. It was like nothing I've ever had before and it just would not let up. I was screaming. After five hours sitting at A&E and supplying urine and blood for sampling, they sent me home and I am still none-the-wiser. While no longer in pain, I'm still very tender today.

With only two hours sleep we've spent the morning rehearsing with the Cheer Chicks as they go over their MO for next week's live performance at the Toy and Game Expo in Sydney.  They blitzed it! So very proud.

Now all that's left to do is spend the afternoon at cheerleading and then hit the sack exceptionally early tonight!

How's your weekend been?

* Photos by Juzz not included in this post, but will be available shortly. That shot up there is just a amateur shot by the Mummy Manager. 


  1. How scary and emergency rooms just make you feel worse dont they. Not fun. You poor thing I hope you get lots of rest and fuss from the family and feel better soon xx

  2. Yay for a very successful shoot with your beautiful Tahlia. Boo for your pain! Hope you're feeling ok now :-/. Thanks for your continued support Leanne! Photos coming soon!!
    Rach <3


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