Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Day 1339 - It's a dog's life

If you could, would you take your dog to work?

Tahlia, Max and Darby - photo taken on Saturday for Max's 13th birthday
Because I work from home, the only face-to-face warm blooded interaction I have is with Max.  He's my go-to guy.  The one I shoot the breeze with so I don't go mad sitting at a desk talking to myself.  The great thing about Max is he doesn't talk back, he has no opinion, and he is very sympathetic.  He also never interrupts me when I'm on a roll.  He just sits and waits for me to talk to him if and when I need to.  The perfect workmate.

It seems I'm not the only one thinking that dogs make valuable colleagues.  According to News.com.au there is a South Australian based company which allows its employees to bring their dogs to the office.


The company is SACARE which is a family owned business within the disability services/mental health sector.  They own supported accommodation for people with mental illness or high and complex needs.  The work can be quite emotional and having pets in the office helps to counteract that.

Apparently there are a few national and international companies that allow dogs in the workplace.  Google, Amazon, Dell, Nokia and Procter & Gamble's Pet Care Division. Within Australia you'll find canine's at Mars Petcare, Melbourne Theatre Company, Exit Films, Media Giants and Cotton On.

As grateful as I am to have Max in my work-from-home life, all I can visualise in an office environment is leg cocking, barking, the odd fisty-cuff and loads of fur messing up black suit trousers.   And far too much bagged up dog poo stinking up the waste paper baskets.

If it was an option, would you take your dog to work?

You might get the chance this month.  June 21 is International Take Your Dog to Work Day, when employers are asked to open their businesses to pets to show how fabulous pooches are which in turn may encourage animal adoption.  It might be worth checking with your employer to see if they're willing to participate.  I asked mine .... and she said yes.

I've never taken a dog into a corporate environment, but I did once take my rabbit to work with me when I worked for the Government.  He disappeared into the air-conditioning ducts.  It wasn't the best scenario.  You can read about it here. 

Have you visited Deep Fried Facebook yet? It's Deep Fried Fruit but with less batter. 

Information source: www.news.com.au 


  1. I would love to work at Google, but would prob not take my dog. She farts too much and is a very loud snorer! Sounds like you found the perfect workmate though! #teamIBOT

  2. Hmmm, doesn't sound too fun to the dog?? Unless you walked a lot or worked outside...

  3. I don't think dogs and birthing rooms mix(I am a midwife) but I love dogs so maybe my dog could sit by the receptionist!

  4. My two keep me company at home while I work, but I couldn't imagine taking them into a corporate environment. They're twin 1 year-olds and everything's a big game for them!
    Google sounds like the best place to work, and I can imagine they get a lot of productivity from their staff. x

  5. i love when i work from home and being around our two dogs, but don't think they need to come to work when i do.

  6. Oh, I couldn't! I would be too worried what the little critters would be getting up to - and I say that about my little bunny, as we don't have any dogs :)


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