Monday, June 10, 2013

Day 1345 - Hair Touch Up

Sometimes all you need is a touch up ...

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As I was getting ready for the trip to Sydney last Friday morning I panicked when I saw far too much sparkle coming from my head. As much as I'd love to say it was from my halo, or from my princess hair diamonds, it was in fact from the greys starting to peak through at my temples and part-line.  The panic set in because we were leaving in less than two hours, I had far too much to do and even a quick shower and washing of hair was starting to sit outside the realm of possibility.  There was no time for a dye job.  Or was there?

As I was rummaging through the cupboard looking for a solution, I came across the Nice 'n Easy root touch up kit that the wonderful Clairol peeps had sent me about six months ago.  Imagine my joy when I discovered it was only a two minute application process and a 10 minute wait before I could jump in the shower for a quick rinse.  Woot!

I've never bothered to buy the touch up kit before because it's around the same price as the full head of dye and it just never made financial sense to me. Why only buy enough for your roots when you can do your entire head for the same price?  But since my last minute panic I can tell you, I'm a convert.  I am always going to have one of these kits in the cupboard, just in case the sparkles sneak up on me and catch me unawares when I am time poor.  It seriously works.

Deep Fried touch up of roots - Nice 'n Easy Root Kit

Washed out after only 10 minutes
Style and go!

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