Monday, June 17, 2013

Day 1352 - Monday

You know how I generally love Mondays?  Well today ... not so much.  After an exhausting weekend that included reoccurring injuries (Tahlia) and weird spinny fuzzy drunk like head (me) I quite honestly just want to curl up under the quilt and hide.  But not possible ... there's still a long way to go before I reach world domination status so I'd better get cracking!

Oh, and the weekend was great. Miss Tahlia's team won 2nd place in their level two cheer routine, and her group stunt won FIRST place in level three.  Despite her injury.  She's a hobbling mess now though so we have urgent appointment at the physio today (and a day off school).  My mummy's group stunt also won first place!! Even though we fumbled a bit and didn't quite "stick it".  Nobody needs to know that we were the only ones in our section ....

Happy Monday! 

PS  Weird spinny fuzzy drunk like head requires urgent trip to the Neuro Physio.  Seems to be coming from my neck or back.  As fun as it may seem to be in a permanent state of inebriation, it's bloody hard to drive and get any work done. 
EDIT: PPS Or perhaps weird spinny fuzzy drunk like head just needs time on the couch.  Maybe just for an hour then ...

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