Friday, June 21, 2013

Day 1355 - Flatten your belly and other tips and tricks

Flatten your belly after 40.

That's the headline I saw on a magazine as I was cruising through Woolworths yesterday and it stopped me dead in my tracks.  Who is this magazine that is talking to me?  Other articles in the mag include "Wake up feeling great", "surprising all natural pain cures", "look less tired in 2 minutes" and "39 smart new ways to recharge your batteries".  Seriously ... who are you magazine, and how do you know so much about what I need?

Of course I bought it.  How could I not?  It was speaking my language and had all the answers to the conundrums of my life.  Then I discovered why.  This magazine is for old people.

OK, perhaps not old people, but specifically designed for the over 40s.  I've never bought a magazine that was age specific for "the other end" before.  I feel dirty.

But seriously, this Prevention Magazine (which they are calling the Energy Issue) has a bunch of stuff that is specifically targeted at me right now.  I have never felt older than I do this past month. My body pain, fatigue, new wrinkles, greyer skunk line, rounded belly and gut problems, are all telling me I ain't what I used to be.

Here is one little gem for those of us who are Deep Fried:

Look less tired in 2 minutes:

It's all about the eyes. They are one of the first areas to see the signs of aging. Create younger-looking eyes with three quick fixes:

  1. Prep the lids: Use an illuminating concealer pen, blending it up to the brow bone using your finger. It will reflect light reducing the appearance of fine lines and correct dark areas.
  2. Apply eye shadow: Opt for mid-tones such as caramel or taupe to define and contour. Use a finely angled brush to dust a slightly paler eye shadow over the top of the liner for a soft-focus effect.
  3. Create fuller lashes: Sweep a few extra layers to the outer third of the eye which draws attention away from hooded skin and lifts a downturned area. If you are feeling fatigued, counteract redness with flesh-toned liner on the water line just above the lower lashes.  
And this little trick wasn't in there but it works for me (as you've read previously).  Before you do all that use cooled green tea bags to sooth your eyes. It helps reduce puffiness and contains ECGC which encourages a gene called Interleukin-8 or I8, which is the body's inflammatory response. Green tea also contains a bucket load of anti oxidants that fight free radicals and apparently has the added bonus of being anti bacterial.

The other thing is to smile. No matter how tired you feel, by pasting a smile on your dial all your little dopamines, endorphins and other happy chemicals come to life for a party inside your system which perks you up in no time! Dancing will have the same effect. 

So there you have it.  Some more Deep Fried tips and tricks. This horrid mag for the aging may end up in my reading pile for a while yet. 

Speaking of tips and tricks .... don't forget to enter the competition to win some really cool Cover Girl stuff.  Today is the last day! Winners announced tomorrow.


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  1. Thanks for these tips for tired eyes. I'm going to use these today for a meeting with my work (I'm due to go back soon). Last thing I want is to look like a worn out mummy!

  2. Not possible to be over 40 and not need tips for tired eyes. To be honest, I think I'm past wanting to be a covergirl, some things you have to accept are never gonna happen!

  3. Woo, I never knew that about green teabags - my daughter drinks green tea like there's a world shortage, and to think I've just been chucking the teabags out?! Will definitely give them a try - thank you!

  4. Oh I love love love this mag and funnily enough, I'm almost 40!
    With regards to tired eyes, get your hands on some of this ladies! I bought it a month ago and seriously have seen a massive difference.

  5. Dear God, this magazine is calling me.....must look
    Becc @ Take Charge now

  6. I think that magazine sounds like something I need to be reading too ;-)

  7. Gosh that magazine is also screaming out to me!!
    I am not feeling the best in the last two weeks, and look way older than my age :(
    Love the hints and tips - never knew the benefits of Green Tea bag on the eyes before, going to give that one a go!

  8. Green tea, I must give that a shot! However, I think my eyes are beyond help!

  9. Green tea, I must give that a shot! However, I think my eyes are beyond help!


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