Monday, June 24, 2013

Day 1358 - Jewellery Trends

6 essential jewellery pieces we should all own:

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According to Australian Vogue there are six pieces of jewellery we should all own to keep us up to date with trends.  I'm not sure I'll be racing out to buy all of this. I love chunk, but even this collection seems a little too heavy for me.  I am guessing we're not supposed to wear it all at once?

6 essential jewellery pieces to keep you on trend:

  1. The heavy duty necklace
  2. The knuckle dusters
  3. Ear armour
  4. The bracelet stack
  5. The full finger ring
  6. The cuff

Image source

Image Source

Image Source

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Image Source

I like the idea of the full fingered ring and the bracelet stack. Even a chucky necklace is somewhat appealing. Not sure the other stuff would blend well with my being fabulous in my 40s declaration though.  It seems a little too "warrior" for this piece of Deep Fried Fruit. I guess only time will tell ...

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