Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Day 1359 - Things that warm me

When it's cold, what warms your heart?

It's winter and I live in a city that has four very distinct seasons. I love that about Canberra ... until I don't love it anymore.  Right now my body hurts all over from the pain that the cold brings with it.  My back, neck and shoulders seem to be in a constant state of rigidity and crack at every turn. Today is going to be a top of 12 degrees with rain and wind. It is icy! But despite the physical cold and related pain, there are things all around me that warm my heart.

Heart warmer one:

Waking up to an email message from a primary aged male cheerleader who has read Cheer Chick Charlie book five and says "Hi Leanne, Just read your new book and it is so good I can see why you took Cheer Chick Charlie to America. It is such a success."

Given the latest book is about a male cheerleader, I am stoked that it had an impact on him. And I am also stoked that he believes that strongly that we are already a success!

The temperature in my house just went up a degree.

Heart warmer two:

Cheer Chick Charlie with her fans
Introducing the costumed character of Cheer Chick Charlie at an event on the weekend and having the kids come running from all directions and surrounding her with such excitement and enthusiasm that she almost fell over.  Lining them all up one at a time for photos was a very proud moment.

The temperature in my house just went up another two degrees.

Heart warmer three:

Maxwell TP the First (RIP)
Having your nephew and his wife trawl through their photos from the last 8 years or so looking for pictures of our beloved Max (who died last Tuesday).  Knowing that their appreciation for him helped make their decision easier to get their own Labrador.  We miss our beautiful blonde pal.

Looking at this picture sends the temperature in my home up another three degrees.

Heart warmer four:

Having Chelsea arrive later this morning with our brand new grand daughter Lola who we will meet for the very first time.  Chelsea, Lola and Pat will be staying with us for the rest of the week and on Sunday we have Lola's christening.  She will then spend time with her Mum and Pat's parents before flying back to Gladstone in 10 days time.

Temperature just gone up another five degrees.

Heart warmer five:

When you wake up squished against one edge of the bed because your 9 year old son has planted himself in between you and the husband.  Since Max's death he has found it difficult to sleep on his own. He doesn't know why he is feeling this way, but I guess his sense of security and comfort has been shattered a little with the departure of our dear friend.  My heart warms because he still needs Mummy and Daddy cuddles and isn't too big or too proud to still share our bed.

Temperature just went up another two degrees.

So with all those heart warmers we have gone from a 12 degree day to a 25 degree day which is just bloody awesome!! And I am sure Chelsea will be pleased given her current winter weather is probably about that temperature anyways.

When it's cold outside, what warms your heart?

Have a great Tuesday everyone. Stay warm! 


  1. Beautiful Leanne. I am so happy for you the Cheer Chick Charlie is going so well! I feel warmer too. xx

  2. Great news all round, yes, even the cold, cos it makes the warmth even better. This is such a lovely way to post about heart-warming events.

  3. That Lola is too cute!!
    And good for you for stopping and taking stock of all that is right in your world.
    If you haven't been to Turner yet, and want to go on the 4th July, I'll be going in the arvo (though I will have my 3 to ruin the experience, so I totally understand if you say NO!)
    I also know little about art so will only make comments like "That's pretty" "I like that one" - I have a friend who studied fine arts and I like to go with her because she gives mearunning commentary...but this time I'll have to run solo...

  4. Lydia - you're coming to Canberra? Yay! No, I haven't been to Turner yet and would love to go. Unfortunately I am flying to QLD on 4 July (tag) so won't be able to meet you. Heading up there to take CCC to a major cheerleading event on the Gold Coast. Bring lots of warm clothes with you!
    Leanne x o x o

    1. Another time ;) enjoy the warmth up north...I got a steal at Accor so art, dinner with neice then cockington green or questacon and home :)

  5. Beautiful things to warm the heart. So sorry for your loss of Max x

  6. Oh Leanne - I am so happy that althought its FAREEZING and the house feels a little cold - you can find the sunshine in these moments! So stokes Cheer chick Charlie is ROCKING it! melbournes weather is really turning the freze-o-meter UP!
    Lola is DEVINE! Congrats x

  7. Brrrrr 12 is cold! In Perth our min is 12 and we have about 20 degrees most days in winter. Theres nothing like a big bowl of home made soup to warm you up :)

  8. Oh, Lola is just gorgeous!!! Very late to the party - but congratulations!!!
    and I am so very sorry for Max, we have lost two dogs and I can't bring myself to think about how sad, empty and tearful that makes me
    I love your post - who needs the sunshine when so many good things can warm the heart more so xx
    Josefa from #teamIBOT

  9. I loved this post Leanne! We have a friend staying with us at the moment, who is from Canberra, and he is loving our beautiful weather!
    Soe excited for you and cheer chick charlie!! And how gorgeous is Lola? Bet you are loving having those cuddles about now :)

  10. Lola is so cute and that's a great name! I hope they all cope with the cold weather.

  11. Beautiful reasons and heart warmers Leanne! I couldn't count how many I have... and I live in Qld! How blessed are we? xxx

  12. You have some great heart warmers there !!! Lola is so cute - congratulations !
    Sorry to hear about the loss of Max - I can only imagine how we are going to feel when that happens to our dogs.
    Have the best day !


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