Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Day 1366 - Clinkers

Any Clinkers fans out there?

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I have recently rediscovered Clinkers. They are a chocolate coated lolly that hides its flavour inside so that you have no idea what the taste will be until you take a bite.

About six months ago we were sitting at cheer training and someone had Clinkers.  Thus began the guessing game to see who could accurately determine the inner colour before the first bite.  This bout of candy gambling started an internal craving.  So on our road trip to Sydney a few weeks back I bought another pack. Psychic powers were put to the test again to see who could magically figure out if it was pink, green or yellow before we took a bite. Yesterday as the kids and I headed for tutoring we rescued yet another bag of Clinkers from the lonely clutches of the supermarket shelf.  It turns out Tahlia doesn't care for the taste, but she's keen on the science of prediction.  It turns out Darby and I are very keen on the taste, and we're happy to put our stomach and teeth on the line for some Clinker speculation.  Half a pack later and we finally won a few rounds.

Our tummies were not overly happy by the end.  Nor were out teeth. But our inner punter was delighted!

Do you candy gamble?

What's your lolly of choice?  


  1. I have not had clinkers in years! But yes, we always played the psychic guessing game.... I may have to make a trip to Woolies to get me some I think! :)

  2. Hmm, not a clinker fan, really. But would eat them if I had to :) I had half a bag of freckles a few days ago because I bought some to decorate my son's birthday cake and didn't use the whole bag. Gosh they were addictive! Kept making me think of Candy Crush tho.....hmmmmmm. x Aroha (#teamIBOT)

  3. Not really a big clinker fan. I'm a smarties girl!

  4. Don't really fancy a clinker personally. For me I can't go past natural confectionery lollies and fantales. yummo.

  5. Ohh, clinkers - love them! Have you seen that new Cadbury chocolate block - it actually has CLinkers inside the choccy, I felt like I'd died and gone to heaven. As well as Clinkers, I'm also partial to maltesers, M&M's, jelly snakes, red licorice... pretty much everything!

  6. I can't do them! And I hadn't thought about the guessing game, otherwise I may have been convinced

  7. LOL - I have never tried them but I did used to work with a lady who was absolutely addicted to them !
    Have the best day !

  8. I Love Clinkers and play this game with my husband when we eat them. My favourite are the pink ones. You can also add them to make crunchy homemade rocky road.

  9. Where have you been? These are some of my favourite fare EVER, which is why I rarely buy them because they go in one sitting :) ENJOY - it's winter :)

  10. I'd forgotten all about clinkers until Cadbury stuck them in their latest Marvellous Creation chocolate bars/blocks. Now, they're a fabulous way to eat Clinkers because not only are they coated in more chocolate but they are joined with raspberry chips and marshmallows!


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