Monday, July 8, 2013

Day 1372 - Forms

Forms, forms and more forms

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Online forms have definitely made life easier.  No writers cramp and it is very convenient to have the ability to auto fill the same information over and over.  But there is one sucky thing about on-line forms that you don't get with the hand written kind, and that's the need to scroll and scroll and (in my case) scroll to find your birth year.

Once upon a time when I filled in my birth date details I was able to scroll just a few screens to find the big old 1969. It felt good not having to look too far back in time. But now that year made famous by our first moon landing takes me a long time to find.  With every turn of the mouse wheel my heart drops just that little bit more.

Am I seriously that old?

Yes Leanne, you are and there is nothing you can do to change that. Stop your whining and get back to being fit and fabulous and embracing your 40s. And finish those bloody forms while you're at it.   

Um, ok ...

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  1. Im in my 30s and hate the fact I have to scroll down to find my date of birth now too!


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