Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Day 1374 - You call this winter?

A quick trip to the Gold Coast on the weekend gave me a day of warmth.

Can't complain about these blue skies

Birds strutting their stuff

Sparkling view of Surfer's Paradise in the distance

Families having picnics

A silly Canberran wearing jeans, boots and a long sleeve shirt on the beach
Which beach am I at?


  1. Its freezing here in Perth :( And raining... and no sun...

    and I don't know what beach your at as Ive never been to the gold coast :)

  2. I can't pick the beach but wasn't the weather just fabulous on the weekend - love being a Queenslander!

  3. I was just in Canberra last week and I live on the GC! I come from Canberra and it was a quick trip down there to move my Mum up here. Was a tad cooler than what I'm used too!

  4. Oh I so miss QLD winters....sitting here freezing my butt off :)
    Love the Goldcoast Winter Beaches!

  5. Well it's pouring and freezing here now - so glad you got some nice weather!! :)

  6. How glorious - it is raining and cold in my end of the woods.

  7. We really haven't had a winter at all yet, I love it!


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