Thursday, July 11, 2013

Day 1375 - Goodbye Frost ....

... Hello sun surf and sand.

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Enough is enough! After that little taste of the Gold Coast warmth on the weekend the Langdowns are boarding a flight for Hawaii today.  Yep, it's time for our mid-winter escape.  It is a very light suitcase that is being packed with nothing but swimsuits, sundresses, thongs (of the Aussie variety) and the occasional pair of capris. Stay tuned tomorrow where I'll be giving you a winter warmer (that's code for an awesome give-away) and be sure to check out the blog over the next ten days where I'll be giving you a taste of Aloha spirit. I'm pretty sure you'll have your bags packed and will be joining me on the beach under a palm tree with a Mai Tai in no time.  To follow the journey you can find me on Twitter #DFFAloha.

PS For all you would be robbers out there, our house is armed, alarmed and monitored. So don't bother popping by ...  

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