Friday, July 19, 2013

Day 1383 - The Great Pool Heist

The grass is always greener

The water is always bluer ...

So I've been sitting here on my balcony looking at this amazing pool.  When we first arrived I had thought it might belong to the Ilikai. But alas it is the pool next door.  Our pool is lovely and all, but that pool is better.  It's got lovely white padded sunbeds, perfect umbrellas, lots of natural shade options and a cocktail bar. So I devised a plan to get us in ...

From my experience, when you visit these resorts you're identified as legitimate pool users by the towel they give you.  At the Hilton Hawaiian Village it was a yellow and white striped towel they'd give us on sight of our room "key".  At the Hilton Waikoloa it was a green and white striped towel.  At the Wynn in Las Vegas it was another yellowy colour.  At the Ilikai it's a very feint goldie colour with white. You must use the hotel towels. It signifies club membership plus it makes everything look matchy matchy and neat and tidy. Just the way I like it.  So with my private investigator hat on and my night vision goggles (standing on the balcony in the clear light of day) I set about determining what towels they used.  Blue.  Dark blue.  We just had to get our hands on some of those towels. Easy!

What is even easier is that the pool is connected to the Ilikai via a shared relaxation area which works as a "back door". We can just wander in without having to walk past the staff. Bonus! And this pool also has 24 hour swimming without attendants after dark.  Awesome! Could this great pool "robbery" be any simpler?

So a couple of nights ago we quietly took the kids in for a night time swim.  Our warm up act. Just to see what would happen. As they frolicked in the crystal waters of this perfect pool I used my stealth and more night vision goggles (I walked freely under the outdoor light) to the attendant's desk where to my delight there was no attendant but there WAS a stack of dark blue towels. Woot!  With absolute precision I tucked a pile of them under my arm and, dodging security guards the whole way (other guests and the occasional man wearing black and white), I snuck them into my room at the Ilikai.  Genius.

So yesterday it was time to give this pool a whirl.  I grabbed the kids, my mum and my sister-in-law and we wandered across to the neighbouring resort.  With our towels making us legit we felt safe in the knowledge that we'd nail the heist.  So safe in fact that we even took our beach bags, some extra beach towels, and a wad of snacks, which in hindsight could have alerted the staff that we'd just wandered in off the street.  Hindsight is a remarkable thing.

With complete confidence I set us all up by reserving a whole bunch of sunbeds with my trusty blue towels.  People stared.  Yes, my cover all is quite lovely, thanks for noticing.  The kids jumped in the pool and us ladies stretched out on our comfy day beds.  Then Dee sidled over to me and whispered, "have you noticed that every time someone enters the pool an attendant escorts them to their lounge?"  No, I hadn't noticed.  Isn't that lovely!  And then she says "have you noticed that they put a cover over the beds?"  No, I hadn't noticed.  How hygienic. I looked around.  In a sea of perfect blue towels with white terry bed covers we stood out like dogs balls with our token blue towels lost in among our beach paraphernalia and without our terry mattress protector.  Bugger.

We could see a couple of attendants looking at us and walking our way.  They had "legal" guests that required beds and with limited space their eyes were on us.  This was going to get very embarrassing very quickly.

So without further ado we stood up with as much elegance as we could muster, walked to a nearby table and ordered a round of cocktails.  Stealing blue towels may not make us legit, but spending $100 at the bar certainly will.  Oh, and I am thinking that if I go down there again tonight I might be able to get another stack of blue towels AND (with a bit of luck) grab a few mattress protectors while I'm at it! That pool will be mine before this trip is over ....

Cocktails make anyone legit

Blue towels (check!), white terry bed protectors (doh!)
Have you ever been busted in a "fake-it-till-you-make-it" scenario?

GIVE AWAY TIME! Win, win, win!! 
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  1. Hahaha I love it Leanne!
    I would SO be in that. In fact, I'm usually blamed to be the ringleader of heists like this! Shhh!

    Enjoy! :D


  2. LOL! Love the cheekiness in you, Leanne! I like playing dumb. I tried the other day when trying to go through the side entrance of a usually waay too expensive museum. Got busted, though. But had 2 little boys with me so how much harm would I be? ;)

  3. Now that would be the coolest thing ever to do...not sure how i would go without getting busted :)
    We did stay down in a Hotel in Melbourne a few years ago with saying that we only had 2 children...we had 2 more but no-one noticed!!

  4. That is classic Leanne - and I'm sure the cocktails were your saving grace :)


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