Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Day 1387 - back home

This post is brought to you with a sad face and cankles.

I've decided not to blog today.  To do so would simply be an exercise in whinging, grumps and winter blues.  Having flown home from a 35 degree heat holiday energy, to 12 degrees and a big dose of reality, I'm now in the throws of body aches and irritable sinus. Add to that a severe case of cankles and no knees (I must have left them on the plane), and I am seriously uncomfortable.  A dawn grocery run, four loads of washing, over 200 emails and thousands of dollars in bills in the letterbox are doing nothing to lift my somber mood.  So there will be no blog post today.  It's for your sake as much as it is for mine.  Leanderthol is in da house and she is not pleasant to be around.


  1. awww :( sending you lots of love and recuperating vibes. hope you're better soon! x aroha (#teamIBOT)

  2. Welcome home! Thats what I hate about travelling coming home, emptying the suitcase and all that washing! But still you were sunning it up in Hawaii so no sympathy from me ... sorry!

  3. I've with Michelle, my heart breaks, for a second.... meanwhile 'the rest of us' have been having a boring time since you've been away!!! xxx

  4. welcome home hope everything sorts itself out....when it comes to cankles I am the master of handling them having recently had a massive blood clot in my leg wrap in cool cloth or soak in cool water and then pop on a pair of leggings- always works for me xxx

  5. I will miss your post. :( and I'm sure you're still beautiful, cankles and all :) xx


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