Friday, July 26, 2013

Day 1390 - Donald Duck

Who's Donald Duck?

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On the Hawaiian Airlines flight home from Waikiki this week I sat staring at the toilet sign up on the roof which signals whether the toilet is free or not. In particular I was mesmerised by the "lady" caricature.  When I stared at it for long enough it looked like Donald Duck on a stick.  Now without pictorial evidence it's hard for you to conjure up this image I'm sure. But trust me when I say it looked like a Donald Duck paddle pop.   Anyway I said to Tahlia, "don't you think that looks like Donald Duck?" To which she replied "yeah, kinda". And then I said to Darby "don't you think that looks like Donald Duck?", to which he replied "who's Donald Duck?"


Who's Donald Duck?

Are you kidding me?

You know Donald Duck. He's friends with Pluto and Mickey.

"Who's Pluto?"

Who's Pluto??

Ohhhh Emmmm Geeee.  My 9 year old son doesn't know Disney?  Me ... the queen of Disney ... and I have not passed on the traditional Disney characters?

I have failed.

I probed him further to see how desperate the situation really was.  Yes, he knew all about Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse.  And he kind of knew who Pluto was given I bought him the t-shirt during my Disney trip last year.  Goofy was a bit of a mystery and he had absolutely no recognition of Donald at all.

I sat sucking on my finger nails for a good half hour afterwards wondering where we had gone wrong. My kids watch the Disney Channel religiously.  It's on for at least two hours a day in our house.  They know all about iCarly, Victorious, Shape Up, Dog with a Blog.  They also know all about Monsters Inc, Toy Story, Cars and the Disney princesses.  It seems though that the "traditional Disney" has escaped them.

Perhaps it's not my fault at all! Perhaps Disney themselves are to blame!

Yes, that's it.  Disney seems to have forgotten all about their roots and they're only sharing the shows of the moment. They've forgotten all about poor Donald, Daisy, Goofy and Pluto.  As a result these characters may well be dying.

So I have taken it upon myself to resuscitate poor old Donald and give him a new lease on life at our house.  I'm off to find some Donald.  Whether it be in comic form, DVD or picture  book. Next time we fly Hawaiian Airlines my boy is going to see Donald in the lady toilet sign dammit!

How about you? Does traditional Disney still visit your house? 

Where can I get my hands on some Donald?


  1. my boys are not so into Disney but my daughter loves Minnie....At Disneyland I had to keep explaining who everyone was (except Jungle Book Characters and Toy Story)...

  2. We have got some great deals on DVDs of the old style cartoons. We have everything from Tom & Jerry to the Flintstones.
    You are never too old for Mickey Mouse and my personal favourite Donald. So go on out there and educate him :)

  3. It's pretty much the same in this house. My son (8) knows who Mickey Mouse is but that's it. We don't have cable so no Disney channel. Anyway I'm kind of pleased both my boys know more about Blinky Bill than any Disney characters.

  4. Oh, yes, we be doing the hot dog dance over here! :) Don't you just "love" all the questions kids have that can just instantly stump you?!

  5. I must admit, while my older kids would know who Donald is, Miss 9 probably hasn't got a clue. Older kids were born back when cartoons were actually cartoons, 2D drawings that moved. Miss 9 is under the impression that How To Train Your Dragon is a cartoon. I tried to get her to watch Fantasia with me a few months ago and she was bored within a few minutes. :-(

  6. I've kept the old-school Disney characters going here, as much as they get overtaken by all the new ones.
    Speaking of old shows, my daughter loves The Jetsons and The Brady Bunch, same as I did when I was her age.

  7. My kids love old school mickey mouse, Tom and Jerry and I found some great Xmas Disney movies and DL'ed them - they were BIG hits around here! Poor ole' grumpy Donald :)

  8. My son loves Donald Duck but it didn't come from me. It came from grandpa. You can imagine his excitement when we went to Movie World recently. We even bumped into Daffy Duck or was it Daisy? :)

  9. our boys know about Donald duck only because Dad will say any words in a "Donald Duck" way! And we have also shown them Youtube Clips on the good old cartoons. They don't make Kids Cartoons like they used to, our generation grew up with the best!!!

  10. Computer kid's games with Disney are great and we have a kinnect Disney game with Mickey Mouse. I also cheat, we have an in car DVD player and I sometimes choose oldies to play, they are trapped. They now all LOVE the oldies, especially Disney and Shirley Temple.

  11. We went to see a special Saturday morning screening of Peter Pan last month. The boys loved it! They still talk about it. Once in a while cinemas do special screenings of the good ol' Disney classics. Might be worth checking out what's on in your local cinema. Might get Donald out of the duck house


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