Saturday, July 27, 2013

Day 1391 - Old Parliament House

It's a beautiful day for a photo shoot.

One of the inner courtyards of Old Parliament House
It's not everybody who gets to model with Old Parliament House as the backdrop.  That's how we spent our morning with Tahlia and her friend Angie as the leading ladies.  While it was a tad chilly for the girls in summer dresses, we really couldn't complain about the blue skies on this July winter day. Sometimes I take living in Canberra for granted, until I remind myself of the beauty that resides right in the heart of this gorgeous city.

Within Old Parliament House

Old Parliament House

Models and photographer analysing their shots

In the gardens surrounding Old Parliament House

Photographer doing what it takes to get the shots she needs

Gardens surrounding Old Parliament House

Up close and personal

Old Parliament House

Photographer : Nic Ingram
Make-up artist: Samara Gentle
Models: Tahlia Langdown and Angelina Leljak 

Professional photos of the shoot to come. 

Interesting Fact: The gardens up there are where Chelsea got married. 

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