Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Day 1394 - International Day of Friendship

When was the last time you told your friends how much you care?

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Today is International Day of Friendship which is a UN initiative aimed at promoting the power of friendship across diverse backgrounds and cultures.  It started in 2011 with the idea that friendships that span countries and cultures can inspire peace efforts and build bridges between communities.  The main aim of the UN is to involve young people (as future leaders) in promoting the concept through events and activities that "promote solidarity, mutual understanding and reconciliation". 

As a Deep Fried woman of the world I have lots of friends (hundreds according to Facebook).  

There are the ones that I have nurtured for almost forty years so deeply embedded in my heart that distance nor lack of communication cannot separate us.  We're just there for each other in the back of our minds and contact once every year or more is OK.  

There are the ones where we helped define each other as we entered our adult years which felt less like friendship and more like sister-hood of the soul.  They are the people who truly know us and love us anyway. 

There is the friendship that is "an ocean apart, but a sister at heart".  Where distance, culture and time doesn't weaken us, but instead makes us stronger and gives us strength in the knowledge that the world really is small and crossing a planet is easy when there are open arms to greet you. We never truly say goodbye, just "see ya later". 

There are the friends with purpose who are in our lives for a reason and may be short term but their presence is valuable and appreciated. 

There are the friends that just float around the edges to pick each other up occasionally or give us some much needed distraction. 

Friends that might take more than they give leaving us drained and limp, but also safe in the knowledge that we have the power to not only add value to their lives but to walk away when we need to. 

The ones who we might drain from time to time but with whom we're steeped in gratitude.  

Such a diverse group of friends for different reasons, seasons, support and relationships.  

We've all got them.  

Well, today is the international day of celebrating our friends.  A day to say to our mates "I appreciate you" and a day to think about how we can further promote tolerance, understanding, peace and solidarity through the friendships we make.  It's also a great day to mend a few bridges that may be broken. To say I'm sorry and move on.  

Happy Friendship Day everyone.

Let me to take this opportunity to say thanks for your presence which makes my life just that little more complete.

"On this International Day of Friendship, let us cultivate warm ties that strengthen our common humanity and promote the well-being of the human family. "
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon


  1. Lovely. I like ""Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born."
    - Anais Nin "

  2. Happy world friendship day! Thanks for the reminder, I often pop a card or some flowers in snail mail for my dear friends. It is always nice to be reminded the old fashion way that you are loved :)

  3. It's so true that we have different friends for different reasons. I love the special friends that you don't see for ages, then when you catch up it's like no time has passed. :)

  4. I have a friendship that needs a little mending at the moment, so this is quite timely. Might just give her a call :)

  5. I am blessed to have 2 ready made best friends in my sisters! My good friends are scattered far and wide, thank heavens for email!

  6. PS forgot to say, visiting from #Team IBOT xxx

  7. Great post - it's so important to remember our friends, especially if they've been there for you in the hard times.

  8. I've become a lot more selective as I've aged, especially in regards to those who are toxic, just let a few go and I feel FANTASTIC! x

  9. I am also getting selective in my friendships! Whereas when I was in my twenties I have lots of 'friends' I now realise I have lots of acquaintances, and a handful of people I would say are true friends. I am fussy now about who moves from the first pond into the second.
    Happy friendship day xxx

  10. Darn it, I missed international day of friendship. But then again, I think the nature of friendship is that we are often kinder to our friends than a) our family and b) ourselves, so that's gotta be a good thing, right!?!


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