Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Day 1395 - A Model Photoshoot

Professional shots from a recent model shoot.

Here is a photo taken by the very talented Canberra photographer, Nicole Ingram.  The shoot took place at Old Parliament House and the Senate Gardens with models Tahlia Langdown and Angelina Leljak modelling and Samara Gentle as the make up artist.  It was an Athenian goddess meets princess style shoot, with water meets land overtones in their styling.  Fun, fun, fun!


  1. Stunning photos Leanne, just gorgeous!

  2. I love a dress up and themed shoot..... the girls look gorgeous. Tres Greek Goddessy

  3. Wow those eyelash jewels are stunning!

  4. so very pretty, the eyes are stunning :)

  5. So gorgeous. I love the jewels in the eyelid. Just adds something extra though I have so much trouble applying eyeliner let alone something like that. Must be a talented makeup artist.


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