Friday, August 2, 2013

Day 1397 - Things I learned

There's a bunch of stuff I can safely say I learned this week.

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  1. High fiving the bathroom door with your head is not the most pleasant middle-of-the-night experience, however laying on cold tiles after feinting is very soothing.
  2. Receiving a card filled with gratitude from a stranger is uplifting and somewhat breathtaking.
  3. Being told that the character you have created has appeared on a child's birthday cake is just as good as being published.
  4. Not getting your eyebrows dyed and using eyebrow pencil instead isn't the best way to go. Especially when you get a massage and leave your eyebrows on the table.  Or worse - you leave only one eyebrow on the table. 
  5. When someone farts in bed at dawn it's pretty safe to say "good morning" (yes, they're awake)
  6. Kantong sweet and sour chicken is a great meal to cook for the kids ahead of time when you're busy chairing evening meetings.
  7. Helping people achieve their dreams is just as fulfiling as it ever was. 
  8. Smiles are contagious
  9. Yawns are also contagious
  10. Strange virus' that make you feint in the middle of the night may also be contagious
  11. The weeks are going too fast
  12. My August diary is ridiculous
  13. Facebook is distracting
  14. Friday is a relief
  15. Whether you think you can do something, or you think you can't, you'll be right. 
What did you learn this week? 


  1. Very funny, apart from the high fiving the bathroom door. I have learned this week that I can't expect everyday to be a perfect one with the kids ...

  2. ooo, hope you're okay? Sound bad .

    Lovely about the b'day cake - how exciting!!

  3. Charlie appeared on a birthday cake - what a compliment!
    I hope you get better soon.

  4. What a great feeling to have a cake in Charlie's honour! Congrats. That virus sounds yukky! FB is horrible, must stop - BUT CAN'T xx
    I have learned that boys eat NON STOP!

  5. Hi Leanne, Kantong sweet and sour, you say? May well try that one. Congrats on the birthday cake - how exciting!x

  6. I learnt that Pinterest is addictive :)

  7. Great list. No. 4 made me snort. I look like a panda when I get off the table :) I learnt not to write about social media at 10pm. It means your brain doesn't stop in time for sleep

  8. wow you have learnt a lot, hope you are feeling better!
    And yep the massage with leaving one eyebrow behind...that is a huge learning curve.
    I have learnt {this week} that I need a lot more patience with Teenage sons and I have been able to keep it together :)

  9. Oh hope that virus has left you now! Congratulations on making it onto a cake Leanne, that's fabulous! And thank you so much for sharing my blog on Josefa's page, big hugs xx

  10. Wow you have learnt a lot this week. Congrats on the cake! Must be a fabulous feeling x

  11. Hope you are feeling better. Today I learned that two Labradors in a laundry can ignore a package of straw and two unopened twin packs of paper towel for seven days and then they can decide to shred them and scatter them everywhere out of the blue.

  12. #8, 9 and 13! For sure!
    Can you believe we're only 4 months and a bit away from Christmas??? Yikes! Where has the year gone?


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