Thursday, August 8, 2013

Day 1403 - When time flies

I think I may have lost a few years ....

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It seems that my internal clock has gone all skewed and I may actually be considerably older than I thought! Evidence is mounting that a few years of my life have disappeared into an abyss.

Our internet has been on the blink (it's been a fascinating week from a technology point of view).  Husband said to me "perhaps our modem is buggered".  To which I said "but we only got a new one last year", to which he replied "try four years ago".  No, no, I remember the guy was here last year and he secretly swapped our old modem for a new one and told us not to tell anyone (says me telling everyone).  "Babe, that was like four years ago".  Seriously??

A friend came over and was talking about her dogs.  To which I said "have you got two dogs again?" To which she replied "we've had two dogs for a few years", to which I said "but your old dog only died last year", to which she replied "that was about three or four years ago". Your dog has been dead for three or four years?  "Yep."  Seriously??

I pulled some cream out of the fridge and took a finger swipe to check it's freshness. Cack!!! Completely sour.  Quick spit and gag session over the sink. But I only bought this last week? A quick date check suggests I actually bought it around five weeks ago.  I distinctly recall walking in just last week and picking it up.  Nope, it was over a month ago. Seriously??

I think I may be losing time.  It seems to be eluding me and may even be secretly adding years to my age quicker than the normal 365 days, 24 hours a day normally allows.

A few months ago I was asked if I might chair and speak at a conference.  Sure! I had plenty of time to prepare for it as it was half a year away.  Snap your fingers and I swear it's only a month later and here I am on conference day.  Seriously?

See that banner up there at the top of this blog? It says "fit, fabulous and slightly fatigued 40 year old"?  That banner is lying. That banner has put me in a false sense of time. I am not 40. I am forty with a bunch of appendages and it seems that may actually be catching up with me.



  1. The older I get the faster the years go by as well. I could swear that stuff happened a month or so ago but in reality it was years... scary. You are not alone, dear Leanne.


  2. I do this all the time - the worst is when you get someone you haven't seen for a long time a gift for their child, like a fisher price toy, only to discover the kid is 9....hmmmm

  3. Ha too funny! Time flies by way too quickly for my liking.

  4. You are certainly not alone on this one, Leanne. I'm starting to think that 12 months is a ridiculously short time for a year - shouldn't it be more like 20 months?

  5. LOL I am the same - time is just passing in the blink of an eye lately. For example - I can't believe my baby has only a few weeks of school before she graduates. Surely she's still in pigtails and three years old?!

  6. I am continuously asking where does the time go. I feel the weeks ticking by but have no idea where they go sometimes. You are definitely not alone! :)

  7. I agree the years are going way too fast.
    I am also getting days and weeks mixed up because its all suddenly merged into one
    Visiting from FYBF and Sweet Little Pretties

  8. Oh thank goodness Leanne, it's not just me!! :)

  9. I so reckon that time flys as you get older, I swear it was only the beginning of the year yesterday and now we are in the 8th month of they year???
    All the best with your conference.

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