Friday, August 9, 2013

Day 1404 - Unexpected

Today I am grateful for the unexpected. 

Deep Fried Fruit with unexpected not-so-Deep Fried Friend
Unexpected. Today I got a text from a friend who was on her way home from the snow.  Could she call in for a cuppa?  Of course you can! Is your day too busy? Not for you!

Unexpected. A few weeks ago we got an email from Chelsea saying she was coming back for another visit with baby Lola.  Could she stay with us? Of course you can! Can you borrow the car seat and baby bath for me again?  Absolutely.  Are they with us now?  They certainly are and we're loving it.

Nanny Lea with lovely Lola
Unexpected. Yesterday I chaired a conference all day and also gave a presentation. When I saw the range of speakers and thought that perhaps we may all end up covering the same ground I freaked just a little.  But as Chair I found a way to link all the speakers and draw the best points from everyone, and as one of the last speakers I found a way to adjust my presentation for a different emphasis.  Was I nervous? Kind of. Did I do a good job? Yes. Am I relieved and proud? Hell yeah.

Unexpected.  As part of the conference I was also down to MC the awards dinner last night.  The 200 strong crowd was made up of 27 award nominees and their colleagues and bosses.  Have I ever done this type of gig before? No.  Did I break out in hives up one side of my face five minutes before I went on due to combination of champagne and nerves? Yep. Did I manage to pull off the role like a pro? I think I might have.

Unexpected.  I had no new clothes to wear to this gig.  Mum suggested I wear the dress I wore for my book launch last year.  Did I feel pretty? Yes.  Did I receive around 20 compliments on my dress throughout the day and night, including from the male waiter?  You bet I did.  Did my scuba suit (shape wear) hold all the bulges into place to make me look trim, taut and terrific? Praise the Lord it did.

Deep Fried dress - orange is the new black

Unexpected. My aunty is sick and in hospital.  We are all very worried about her.  Mum is travelling up north and can't be by her side so other aunties are pitching in to ensure she is safe and she is loved.  What can we do to brighten up her day? Send flowers.  How colourful should we go? The brighter the better.  Did they make her feel better? They sure did.

I am usually so structured that I don't always respond well to the unexpected.  My day is planned to the nearest minute so the unexpected can feel like a curve ball.  The past two days have had me embracing, acknowledging and feeling grateful for the unexpected.

Which in itself is somewhat .... UNEXPECTED.

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  1. You look fab as always...but especially love the boots!!


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