Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Day 1409 - Ronald McDonald House Canberra

A home away from home ...

The quite room and the butterfly tree
Each and every butterfly has a story.
 Yesterday I had the privilege of a personal tour of Canberra's brand new Ronald McDonald House.  I am involved in the running of an ACT Regional Cheerleading competition on the weekend with money raised going to this fabulous charity.  This lovely new space can be found within the new section of the Canberra Hospital and is a place for the families of critically sick children to stay while their angels are undergoing treatment.

Every butterfly represents a family that has stayed at Ronald McDonald House

Twin rooms - each bed with their own unique quilt

Quilts made and donated by the Thursday Friendship Group
If you like your quilt, you can take it home with you. 

Artwork lovingly created by local Canberra groups

An outdoor play area and a seat next to Ronald McDonald himself

A large comfortable communal lounge room

All furniture donated by local Canberra businesses

A lovely sunny play area

Computer access so that families can stay up to date

A lovely large kitchen with cupboards and fridge space set aside for each family

Access to quick drinks, coffee and a quiet place to read

A place to recognise the volunteers that help keep Ronald McDonald House functioning.
Each volunteer is recognised with a heart on the wall art

I always knew that Ronald McDonald House was an amazing place with a huge heart, but it's not until you walk inside and hear the stories of the families who "live" here that you truly appreciate the depth of it's value.

I am so proud that our competition on Sunday will be contributing to such a fantastic cause.


  1. Wow, that looks a very special place for families during very difficult times.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Its so good to see a Ronald McDonald's house on the inside. I love the bright colours, and the feel of the place. Its good to know that families have access to a place that keeps them together while they need to be closer to hospitals, a place where they can feel comfortable.

  3. Hi Leanne, I work with parents of very preterm infants at a major Brissie hospital so see first hand what a life-saver Ron's (as we call it) is for these families. Thanks for highlighting these great places.x

  4. I like the idea of representing families and volunteers with hearts and butterflies - just brilliant

  5. Thanks for sharing this special place Leanne. it's wonderful that the community pulls together to help families in need. And good on you guys for being such a support!! x

  6. I loved this post, nice to see the inside of these places, and to see they are lovely. Go you for contributing to such a great cause! xx

  7. What a great place for families going through a difficult time. Love the quilts. x


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