Thursday, August 15, 2013

Day 1410 - Blog O'Clock

What happens when I miss Blog O'Clock?

6 O'Clock is too late!!  I've missed Blog O'Clock
I generally wake up anywhere between 4.30 and 5.30am.  That hour of the day (night?) has become known as Blog O'Clock.  If I don't blog then, I find it difficult to find the time during the day to "catch up".  This morning I had a sleep in. I didn't wake up until 6.00am which means I missed Blog O'Clock.  It got sucked up in my need to email USA and China, have my morning meeting with Husband about all things business and be a parent to my kids.  So now I am behind and my schedule is 100% out of whack. I have an appointment to race to, followed by a meeting, and then a to-do list to turn into ta-dahs before the end of the day. The post I was going to write has now been pushed to next week.  Today's post is now far too short and full of fluff.   That's what happens when I miss Blog O'Clock.  And it's happening far too frequently ...

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