Saturday, August 17, 2013

Day 1412 - 40 Hour Famine

Is anyone doing the 40 hour famine in your house?

Tahlia's sleeping arrangements during the 40 hour famine
I remember doing it as a kid, but I've never done it as an adult. I'm not sure why.  But I was very proud when Tahlia came home and announced that she'd be participating by giving up food for forty hours as well as furniture.

So yesterday I loaded her school lunch box up with sandwiches, fruit and snacks. Then last night we shoveled an enormous pork roast into her and finished with an ice cream sundae.   Over the 40 hours she can drink water and juice, and she can suck on lollipops and barley sugar.  She doesn't have a lot of meat on her bones so of course I am concerned, but she's adamant she's doing it so we're giving her whatever support we can.

She has made herself up a bed of pillows and cushions on the floor for sleeping and she's spending all her house time sitting on the floor. Interestingly enough there was also an option to give up technology.  It seems her computer and mobile phone are far more important than food and furniture as there was NO WAY she was giving up that.

She'll finish tomorrow at midday right in the middle of the cheerleading competition we're involved in.  She's not competing due to injury (which is why she's doing the famine ... she couldn't have done it had she been needing her energy) but she will be inside the Cheer Chick Charlie mascot suit so I'm hoping that confined space combined with no food doesn't cause her to pass out.  Not good for her, and not good for the Cheer Chick Charlie brand. Could you imagine all these kids swarming around Charlie and she "dies" in front of them?  Worse, we would have to rip off her head and that would ruin the show forever.

Anyway, that's what is happening in our house right now.

Is it happening in yours?

The 40 Hour Famine really makes you feel grateful for the basic things we take for granted.  Food and furniture are my friends. I am so happy to have them in my life.  

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