Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Day 1415 - Megasketcher

No batteries, ink, pencils or paper required

You'll recall a few weeks ago I talked about going back to basics with the kids.  I wanted to drag my 13 and 9 year old away from multi-media towards some good old fashioned family activities for fun and creativity.

Last night we dragged out the megasketcher. It's one of those magnetic style boards that don't require pencils to sharpen nor rubbers to erase.  We used to use it a lot when the kids were little but it's been in the back of the cupboard forgotten and neglected for at least five years. Last night, with X Factor on in the background (I guess we didn't go completely media free), we reacquainted ourselves with our old pal Mega Sketch and took turns going all arty farty.

Fun! Definitely brought out my inner child.

How many other Megasketcher enthusiasts are out there? 


  1. my eldest was given that for his 2nd b'day, and 10 years later (2 siblings later) it's still going strong - tho some stamps are missing...

  2. One of my daughters favourite things is her mega sketcher. She loves it.She also now has a whiteboard in her room which she loves just as much with its magnets and colour textas

  3. Seriously this is the BEST thing for long pram walks!
    I am on round two now with my second child and I have yet to find anything that keeps them quite as happy on those long power pram walks! I love them X

  4. We still have ours too! We've had three in the past 18 years of kids... I love it, but I hate the noise when they're rubbing out lol

    MC x

  5. I am a shocker for the Mega Sketcher! I have been known to snatch them off my children to have a go many a time! I just love them. The kids do too!

  6. I used to love my megasketcher and my daughter loves hers too.

  7. My kids have ALWAYS adored these, but didn't think about older kids using them!!

  8. We don't have one but I remember loving the etch-a-sketch when I was a kid!


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