Friday, August 23, 2013

Day 1418 - Aching Bones

Warning: This post contains an outburst 

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Mostly I am embracing this aging caper. That is after all what this blog is about. It's my tribute to being fit and fabulous in your forties and rejoicing in the wisdom, peace and positive forward movement that the forties can give.  But right now ... right this second ... as I type at my desk at dawn ... I want to scream out ... AGING HURTS!!! This forty journey is bullshit. I'm over it.

Ok, well, if the truth be known perhaps it's not the aging that hurts.  Maybe it's the fibromyalgia that hurts ... or some sort of arthritis that can effect any age ... or maybe it's just the freaking cold weather that I choose to live in .... or maybe it's an OHS issue with my desk and all the typing I do ... or perhaps it's standing on my feet all day doing author talks ... or maybe it's trying to be a cheerleader at middle age ... or it could even be that my feet have decided to boycott anything that slightly resembles a high heel.  Perhaps it's a combination of all of the above. But right now, right this second, I AM IN PAIN.  And I don't like it.  I feel like I am 100 years old. And it sucks ...

For a few weeks now I have had back pain.  I am used to having shoulder and neck pain (it comes with being me) but this back pain is new.  The pain is getting worse and it is starting to burn.  It feels like it is radiating from my spine and shooting up through my neck to my head (giving me a headache) and shooting out to every limb.  My arms, my legs, my hands, my feet ... even my cheeks (the ones on my face) are in pain.  Every bone in my body seems to be hurting.  It's actually making me quite sick.

Not enough to keep me bed ridden.

Not enough to have me crying or heading to emergency.

Just enough to make me feel like crap.

Crap, crap, crap.  I've had enough! Surely I'm too young to deal with this shit? Today is one of those days I turn from Leanne, bypass the party girl who is Leanimal, and go straight to the shitty bitch that is Leanderthol.

Leanderthol is in the house people and she's not happy. You've been warned.

That's my little outburst for the month.  What's yours? 


  1. Oh Leanne, I'm so sorry to hear that. If its any conciliation, you look fabulous! Thought of going to see a chiro? x

  2. Oh I hear you! I look at myself in the mirror and think "I don't look 40!" but then I walk away from it and my joints creak. I had appendicitis recently and I expected to bounce back from it just like everything else life has thrown my way and it's been a HARD SLOG. So, yeah, I get it. As Neets said, though, you look FAB. Kx

  3. Oh no! That's awful. Old age is bloody scary. I'm not even in my forties and I feel like I'm falling apart. I have such bad tail bone pain I can't even lie on my back. I can't imagine the pain you must be experiencing. It sounds horrendous. I hope you get to bring back Leanimal soon :)

  4. Living with pain is the worst. It makes you feel cranky, on-edge, and annoyed at anything!

    I'm in the final 6 months of my 30's, and have hit panic mode. I'm scared to turn 40. It's scary because I can't stop it.

    I hope you can get some good help for that pain.

  5. Oh Leanne, it's tough to feel happy when you're hurting, impossible even. I do so hope the back pain eases up for you soon.

  6. Pain is the worst. I had terrible ankle pain for a while there, again not enough to run off to emergency but certainly enough to make life miserable. I hope the pain can be managed and you can go back to being forty and fabulous again!

  7. I know you are ranting but you still manage to be funny and funny is what I need today so thank you! Also, after reading blog after blog from youngsters who's worse worry is wiping baby spew of their fresh crisp white trousers it's refreshing to hear a creaking, aching rant. Too many of us oldies disappear off the blogging scene.
    It's also hilarious that at 40+ we claim we are old, I wonder how many 60yr olds would read our comments and blow raspberries at our whining.
    I'm 40+ and need the lounge nearby to pull myself up to standing position, God help me if I've been down 5 minutes the knees totally forget how to straighten and the ankles go click.
    Pathetic we are indeed, the modern 40+ers :-)
    On a YOU note, I hope the pain vanishes soon. Try tiger balm or asian heat patches they do wonders.

  8. I hope you are starting to feel better babe and I am so looking forward to turning 40 very soon! Bring it on!!!

    Remember age is nothing but a number but please rest up when you aren't feeling the best xx Dani

  9. Oh Leanne, that really does suck!! I hope you're seeing someone about it? I'm also hoping that now, a few days later, you're feeling a bit better.
    Take care xx

  10. Change your doctoor since this is a condition that any doctor should know to treat.


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