Sunday, August 25, 2013

Day 1420 - Iron Man 3 WIN WIN WIN

I have been waiting  with extreme excitement for this one ...

How much do you love Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man? LOVE! Well, for whatever reason, I didn't get to see Iron Man 3 at the movies so it is with an extreme case of the jitters that I await its release on DVD and Blu Ray this week.  And it is with even more excitement that I get to give away copies of the movie on blu ray for TWO lucky Deep Fried Fruit readers. Woot!

So let's see what this movie is all about.  According to the press release from Marvel. Tony Stark's life (aka Iron Man) gets thrown into turmoil when an unknown enemy appears on the scene.  Tony has to embark on a journey to find the peeps responsible and do the whole "conquering of evil" and "exacting revenge" thing. In the process he does a little life reexamination and starts to wonder, does the man make the suit, or does the suit make the man?

Our very talented Aussie, Guy Pearce, makes an appearance in this flick, as does Ben Kingsley.  They may have something to do with the fact that Iron Man 3 is the 5th highest grossing feature film of all time. Yeah baby....

If you get your hands on the DVD or Blu Ray you'll get to see some never before seen bonus features including "Iron Man 3 Unmasked" which is an exclusive featurette in which the cast and crew present a crash course in epic movie making. Bonus!

So who wants to win a copy?  

All you need to do is say "I want to win a copy" and you'll go in the draw.  You can enter via comment, Deep Fried Facebook, email, text or Deep Fried Twitter #DFFIronMan3.  Its that easy! Be sure to leave enough clues for me to track you down if you win. Oh, and it's only open to Aussies and will end Friday 30 August at midnight.

Repeat after me: I want to win a copy, I want to win a copy, I want to win a copy. I want to win a copy, I want to win a copy, I want to win a copy .......


  1. "I want to win a copy"

    (Make ME a hero thank you!!)


  2. "I want to win a copy"
    Seriously, to watch that 'hunk of spunk'for 1.5 hours whilst my son hoots and hollers in the background is just a superb moment in time. Thank you for giving me the chance :)

  3. Me too! (I officially entered on twitter ;)...

  4. I want to win a copy!

    Why do they make these action hero movies M rated? How do I tell Mr 8&5 they are too young to watch their favourite hero?

  5. I want to win a copy!
    Man could he be any hotter?? I love all these movies, and not just for perve factor, I love his character and all the action :)

  6. I want to win a copy, I want to win a copy, I want to win a copy. I want to win a copy, I want to win a copy, I want to win a copy .......!!!!!!!!!

  7. I sooooooo want to win a copy!!! :)


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